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Commentary- Penn and Teller Bullshit! : NEW AGE

This entry to my Blog comes from a post from another website I found on my Favorite Tarot Blog 78 Notes to self: a Tarot Journal By Ginny Hunt It is called The Tarot Channel. In their section of Television They posted a Video from the Showtime TV show Penn & Teller: Bullshit! The bases of this show is to debunk & show the truth to “Myths” or other things a skeptic would be skeptical about. The Episode I watched dealt with new age Topics such as Yoga, Herbs, Crystals and yes Tarot. I will be expressing my view about the Tarot segment of the show.

Penn and Teller try to “debunk” Tarot readings to prove that it’s all a scam and it’s really done by Cold Readings. For their experiment they picked three different readers to be on the show, each three thought they were the only one that would be on, and hired a man named Jim and sent him to each reader to test the readings, but here is the twist Jim would be acting as a different person for each reading. The first persona he took on was an unemployed bum with tequila breath. The second persona was of an over stressed over worked business man and last he took the persona of the hard working family man.

Now on to the first reader and first persona “Unemployed bum” The deck that was used was a regular Rider Waite deck, the cards 3 of Swords Reversed and the 4 of Pentacles. Now the reader said that this is talking about work and that is environment is unable to support himself regarding work that he needs to get the resumes out. Now I don’t know where he is getting this from cause I don’t See unemployment in these 2 cards. But that the 3 of swords reversed could be saying that pain is fading away and the dark skies will be leaving to reveal more positive future, with the 4 of Pentacles would indicate something with work or money on the security side of it. So the reader was right on that in some way. So these cards would say that troubles concerning money should be resolved. So I think the reader was right, but I think he did use the appearance of Jim to assist him with the reading and there is nothing wrong with that. Ok I give the reader some credit but I am not impressed.

Reading number two, the over stressed business man. This time Jim dressed in a nice suit and looks real slick. Before the reading he was on his cell and was “talking” to someone from works and threatens to fire them. He comes in for the reading where the reader has what looks to be the Osho Zen Tarot Deck. She uses the Celtic cross spread I believe. I am unfamiliar with this deck so it is hard for me to interpret the cards to verify her reading. She tells “Business Jim” That he works to hard and he is over stressed. She was right according to his persona but she may have been influenced by the "Phone call" before.

The last but not least “The Hard working Family Man” this time Jim is on his cell “Talking” to his wife and says he will take her out to dinner cause she cooks enough, Oh how sweet I bet the reader heard him on his phone just like that last one, would you look at that! This reader uses the Rider Waite deck so that’s good for me. She pulls the 10 of cups and says he is very happy in love and marriage. This is true because this card means Happiness in marriage. The reader was right. But wait this is just a persona that Jim is acting so she is wrong, right? NO.

2 of the 3 readings came to be true for each persona that Jim took on. Why is this? It’s not because it was a “Cold Reading” but because Jim was Acting in the persona of another person and took on the qualities of that type of person and life, so while he was shuffling the cards he was thinking and acting as another person and that’s why the readings came up so true, because the reading was for the persona that Jim was acting as.

Now I am not saying that all readers are real, you must be careful when picking a reader, some are cold readers and they will try and get as much money as they can from you. To get tips from me on picking a reader read my post on that subject.


Side effects of Tarot

Warning: Side effects of Tarot Reading may
include; Headaches, Dizziness, Upset stomach, fever and tiredness.

If symptoms persist please contact your Shaman
or witch doctor immediately

From the list of these side effects you would think this came from the label of a new prescription pill with one of those funky names. Where do they come up with them anyway? But on to my subject now., Tarot reading has it side effects on the body if you do not properly ground yourself. I myself when doing to many reading will often find myself feeling warmer than normal, My eyes my get a little red looking and I get drained of my energy. Other than that I am just fine. There are some tips to help you from feeling much of these side effects.

You may want to meditate before doing a reading. What I do is visualize alight light around me that will protect me and keep me away from illness. Another form you can try is to imagine roots growing out from the lower back of your spine digging to the center of the earth. You may want to wear crystals. I think quartz crystal is good for absorbing negative energy, also drinking
plenty of water while doing multiple readings is another good Idea. Taking breaks is important so you don’t get over tiered.

If you are only doing one or two readings it is not so important to grounding yourself because the readings my not take up to much time and energy. But that’s for you to decide. It is also important for me to stress the fact that if you do get any of these symptoms stop reading and take time to rest. Also that it is ok to get the symptoms; there is nothing “evil” causing it as some may want you to think. When you are reading tarot it does take energy from your Body, Mind and Spirit to make the connection to the divine that for long periods of time it makes us feel sick because it is something we are not use to.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tarot Guide: The Magician

The Magician

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race
of life. With confidence, you have won before you have started" ~ Marcus

Card Number: 1
Key Number: 12
Rulership: Mercury
Numerical Value: 9


The Magician is the card number 1 and in numerology 1 is intensely active, the energy is masculine, Forceful. He is kinetic energy always in motion. 1 has the power to make the connection that The fool could not. He develops and creates things. The Magician like I said has the ability to connect to the divine and be inspired by it, take the inspiration and make something of it. The Magician holds a wand in this right hand that is lifted up in the air and the left hand pointing down, This shows that what he takes from above makes real in life. The infinity symbol above his head represents his infinite power. The snake at his waist is a clear symbol of an Uroboros. It symbolizes
rebirth, creation and recreation.

- The serpent or dragon eating its own tail it is one of the oldest mystical
symbols in the world it can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, circa 1600 BC. However the pig dragons of the Hongshan culture (4700–2200 BC) of China are older. From ancient Egypt it passed to Phoenicia and then to the Greek philosophers, who gave it the name Ouroboros ("tail-devourer").

On the table The Magician has a Cup, Wand, Sword, and pentacle. These are the 4 suites of the Minor Arcana. The representation of this is that The Magician has the right tools and is a skillful man. The Magician wears a White and red robes. White is a connection to Aries in the Zodiac. Aries is confident and energetic, quick thinking, pioneering. Red is for Gemini, Gemini is about communication. The Magician speaks very well to others through his confidence. He is a speaker, a leader, he is good at management. The Yellow background connects to Taurus; this makes the magician reliable and patient. The Magician is all about personal power. Taking control of it and doing what you want, Making all the dreams that you had in the fool and actually do something productive to attain that goal. What situations come arise that signals you to take things into your control and power seize it!! The Magician keeps his word, His promise is good as gold. He is also good with his hands, building and handy work.


When Blocked
This means that you are having troubles creating things, not feeling connected and feel like you don't hold the right skills needed to complete a project. Frustration due to plans not going in the direction you planed, your plans may fail or fall under control of others.

When opposite
This is known as the con-artist card. The Magician is very skillful in his words, and when reversed it can signal a liar, and a thief and someone who is not who he says to be. You’re not skillful, you have little or no confidence in yourself and your losing direction. You can't come up with ideas and solutions.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tarot Reader Search

Are you trying to find a tarot reader? You could use a search
engine like Google® or Yahoo ® to find one but there are so many people
to pick from how can you pick a good one? Here are some tips.

Online readers

1- How does there web space look like? Is it done neatly and professionally
or is it tacky and cheap looking? You don’t need to find someone with
a .com name just as long as they have some web space. Some readers have pages
on free sites like geosites cause they can’t afford monthly subscription
to host a .com

2- Look at their reviews others have left them. But be on the lookout for
fake reviews. If the review looks to be too polished it may be fake.

3- What is the reader clamming? If they say 100% accurate, they are lying
no one is. IF they say I will reunite you with your ex love, they can’t!

4- Pricing. This is a touchy subject. Everyone has the right to make whatever
price they want on their readings but is it worth a large price tag? That
for you to decide. A reader who offers a reading a lower price does not always
mean they are not a good reader, they are just more humble.

5- Look for a code of ethics. Most reputable readers should have a code of
ethics or conduct.

Public Readers

1- Is the reader fishing for answers ? (Cold Readings) are they asking more
than tell you.

2- Ask a friend or family member to refer you to a reader, Word of mouth is
a good way to find a good reader.

3- Are they trying to sell you something you don’t want like candles
or crystals to “help you”

4- If they say you have a curse on you or you have a dark aura Walk away and
don’t pay them, they are all lies!!

5- If they tell you when to come back again for another reading don’t,
come back when you want to.

I can save you a lot of hassle in finding a reader. I offer
tarot readers on my personal website


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Where is God in Tarot?

Many people who are not familiar with Tarot would say it is something evil and is called by some as “The Devil’s Picture book” and is fair to understand why they would think so since the Devil in one of the more dark and “evil” looking cards of a tarot deck. But The Devil in the Tarot is not meant to represent him but to represent Addictions, self-limiting behaviors, Lust where love should be and blindness to the truth. The Devil card is the opposite of The Lovers, where in that card an Angel is Blessing the couple,The Lovers also brings the imaging of the Garden of Eden. But In the Devil The  same couple is used and The Devil is cursing the relationship and signifies a fall from the grace of God. Now on to my main subject, where is God in Tarot?? There is no God Card in the Major Arcana. Some people are to say that The World may represent God. But I say that God is in every card of the Major Arcana. In each M.A you can find either a personality quality of God like the Temperance card, God is well balanced and not to strict or to loose, not to harsh or too lenient. You can Find lessons of God in the M.A like The Hangman Card, This card often tells you to go with the will of God, Don’t fight it just let things go was they have to. Even in The Devil card you can find God! God can be found inside the Hearts of the people chained to the Devil, They are chained to him but if they wanted to they can remove the chains and seek God.

you want to get into a Gnostic approach to God in the Tarot then there are 2 cards that would be the God card, The Magician and The High Priestess. Gnostic teachings believe in a Father, & Mother God. There are two sides to God
and Jesus being the Son that makes the gnostic Trinity, Father/Mother/Son. The Magician and High Priestess are two half one self. The same could be said for the Empress and Emperor, but they are more of Development as Where the Magician and High Priestess is about Birth or Creation, The first creators. It makes perfect sense to me that there would be a Male and Female aspect of God so he would be balancedlike everything on earth, There is an opposite to everything in life. Night and Day, Black and White, Positive and Negative, Birth and Death, Good and Evil, and Male and Female. So why would God not have an opposite to him, and some would say The Devil is his opposite, but to say he is God’s Opposite is to say The Devil is of Equal power to God and IS NOT so I don’t count him.


The Many Name of Tarot

Just some food for thought, The Word Tarot can be traced to many languages.

Torah (Hebrew), "The Law - Law Giver"
Thoth Egyptian god
Tarosh (Egyptian), "The royal way"
Torah -Torus in Sacred Geometry
Taurus Astrology
Rota (Latin), "Wheel" - Wheel of karma - Wheels Within Wheels
Taro River in Northern Italy
Taru (Hindu), "Cards"
Troa (Hebrew), "Gate"
Tares, meaning the dot border on old cards
Tarotee, meaning a pattern on the backs


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Tarot Readers Vs Psychics

Ok so we are all psychic, it’s just to what level your at that determines  how psychic you are. For some the gifts come very easily and others it is harder to connect to their gifts. For the group that have trouble opening and using the third eye often go into using tools of divination. Tarot, Runes, Pendulums, Crystal balls, ect are all but a few of tools we can use for divination. What is Divination you ask? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines divination as “the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers” We are going to look at Tarot only since we this blog is about Tarot. Now using Tarot is a good way to help develop your psychic abilities when you are reading intuitively. Reading in this manner helps you go with your feelings and not what a Book may say. Using a Book is also a great way to learn tarot but is not the way if you want to sharpen your psychic abilities. People ask me if I am psychic, I say Yes since we are all psychic but I say that my abilities are not at a level where I can read from just that, I am a Tarot reader so there are limitations. For 1 I don’t know every single detail of your life, 2 I can’t pick up on random things like your dog’s name is spike. This is why I use Tarot, I decode the cards and give you an answer from them, Yes I could be wrong by misinterpretations the same with psychics. But what about psychics that use Tarot cards you ask? It is common practice for a psychic to use Tarot cards as an add-on to a reading to help focus their energy, to help give some insight they might have missed, but The Tarot is not the Major aspect of the reading. It’s also because of these psychics that use tarot that people think Tarot readers are psychic because when some tells me they went to a Tarot reader and that reader said Your dog’s name is spike the person thinks they got it from the cards but it is their psychic side that is used for that information. Is it a perfect union of the two? Yea sure Psychics can use tarot to help there readings to be better and improve them. But when people start to think the two go hand in hand we get problems and people get disappointed some times by some readers who can’t tell them everything they want.

The Forms of psychic abilities. When some says “I am psychic” people will automatically say “Guess what I am thinking.” And the other will say that they are not a mind reader, they are right that gift would be telepathy and not all psychics have it. The other gifts would be clairaudience (Clear Hearing), clairsentience (Clear feeling) , and the most known clairvoyance(Clear seeing/knowing ). There are others such as Postcognition seeing the past, Precognition (Seeing the future this going hand in hand with clairvoyance). Empathy is the ability to feel other people’s emotions. Telepathy knowing what others are thinking. These are all great gifts to have, I myself would identify with Precognition, a little clairvoyance, and a touch of empathy and a dash of telepathy. Some people have one, two and more all mixed in. Some may just have one but on a high level that they are fine with just that one gift. So where does Tarot come in with all this psychic terms? Well if you don’t have any of these gifts naturally you can use the tarot to do these things. Tarot is like a universal remote. You are able to look into the past (Postcognition) you can also look into the future (Precognition) you can see how someone in feeling (Empathy) and you can also look at the present (Clairvoyance). So if you are having trouble with your gifts don’t feel bad, Pick up a Tarot deck to help connect with your gifts. There is also nothing wrong with just being a Tarot reader because we can do just about everything a Psychic can just with a few shuffles of the deck ?

Tarot 2-D

I just love this video Madonna used to promote her tour, This video takes you on a tour of the Major Arcana in a 
2-D. It's cool cause its nice to see the cards in some kind of movment cause it brings them to life.


Tarot Guide: The Fool


“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. But all the
angels are in heaven, and few of the fools are dead”
-James Thurber

Card Number: 0
Key Number: 11
Rulership: Air
Numerical Value: 3

The fool is the first card in the Tarot; his number is 0 instead of one for a reason. Zero in numerology context means energy that's unformed and full with potential. It is both full and empty at the same time. Zero is open to the higher power as a channel; The fool has the connection but does not yet know how to make the it. The fool has so much faith that he has been blinded by it in some way. As he walks along he looks towards the sky (toward God) he does not look in front of him because he has faith that nothing bad will happen. This image reminds me of someone jumping of a building and saying “My faith in God will save me.” Now that is a very foolish thing indeed. The Fool is very spontaneous! He is the friend that will come up with the idea for a road trip, or come up with fun ideas that will indeed be risky but fun none the less. From the looks of the bag on the end of the stick he just grabbed a few things from his bedroom draw and left home looking for some fun and adventure! This is one of those “Travel cards” and this looks to be a Travel by Land. The sun in the right corner signifies divine inspiration and optimism. The fool does not rethink things, or think for that matter, he just goes for impulse. He also says to follow your heart. The white dog seems to be warning him of pending danger, ummm I believe it’s the cliff that The Fool is going to be falling over.Reversed

When Blocke
The energy of the fool when blocked means that you’re not taking risks, fearful of making a choice. Standing still in a situation that does not go anywhere. Avoiding independence and going off alone in the world.

When Opposite
The Fool when in opposite meaning stand for recklessness, folly, error, Unable to see your mistakes and or not seeing them. You are lacking faith and not willing to move on. You are ignoring warnings. You often daydream or stare blankly at your computer screen (Or out the Window)

The Elements

The Elements

The obvious Elements of the Tarot that we learn as tarot readers are Earth, Fire, Water and Air. These are the 4 basic elements that are basic to life on earth. A Tarot deck has 4 suites in the minor arcana. Earth corresponds to Pentacles, Fire corresponds with Wands, Water corresponds with Cups, and Air corresponds with Swords. Each element also symbolizes something to the
suite. Fire – Creative, Water – Emotions, Air – Intellect, Earth – Material. But what came to my mind the other day was the fifth element! In Wiccan tradition the Pentagram (The 5 pointed star of the divine Feminine) each point of the star corresponds to an Element, but the fifth element is Spirit. I like how Spirit (God or the Divine) is all around us and thus is an Element of the World. So spirit in Tarot would be connected to the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana represents the archetypal figures in the world and also represents bigger influences in our lives that are beyond our control.