Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tarot Guide: The Fool


“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. But all the
angels are in heaven, and few of the fools are dead”
-James Thurber

Card Number: 0
Key Number: 11
Rulership: Air
Numerical Value: 3

The fool is the first card in the Tarot; his number is 0 instead of one for a reason. Zero in numerology context means energy that's unformed and full with potential. It is both full and empty at the same time. Zero is open to the higher power as a channel; The fool has the connection but does not yet know how to make the it. The fool has so much faith that he has been blinded by it in some way. As he walks along he looks towards the sky (toward God) he does not look in front of him because he has faith that nothing bad will happen. This image reminds me of someone jumping of a building and saying “My faith in God will save me.” Now that is a very foolish thing indeed. The Fool is very spontaneous! He is the friend that will come up with the idea for a road trip, or come up with fun ideas that will indeed be risky but fun none the less. From the looks of the bag on the end of the stick he just grabbed a few things from his bedroom draw and left home looking for some fun and adventure! This is one of those “Travel cards” and this looks to be a Travel by Land. The sun in the right corner signifies divine inspiration and optimism. The fool does not rethink things, or think for that matter, he just goes for impulse. He also says to follow your heart. The white dog seems to be warning him of pending danger, ummm I believe it’s the cliff that The Fool is going to be falling over.Reversed

When Blocke
The energy of the fool when blocked means that you’re not taking risks, fearful of making a choice. Standing still in a situation that does not go anywhere. Avoiding independence and going off alone in the world.

When Opposite
The Fool when in opposite meaning stand for recklessness, folly, error, Unable to see your mistakes and or not seeing them. You are lacking faith and not willing to move on. You are ignoring warnings. You often daydream or stare blankly at your computer screen (Or out the Window)

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