Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tarot Guide: The Magician

The Magician

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race
of life. With confidence, you have won before you have started" ~ Marcus

Card Number: 1
Key Number: 12
Rulership: Mercury
Numerical Value: 9


The Magician is the card number 1 and in numerology 1 is intensely active, the energy is masculine, Forceful. He is kinetic energy always in motion. 1 has the power to make the connection that The fool could not. He develops and creates things. The Magician like I said has the ability to connect to the divine and be inspired by it, take the inspiration and make something of it. The Magician holds a wand in this right hand that is lifted up in the air and the left hand pointing down, This shows that what he takes from above makes real in life. The infinity symbol above his head represents his infinite power. The snake at his waist is a clear symbol of an Uroboros. It symbolizes
rebirth, creation and recreation.

- The serpent or dragon eating its own tail it is one of the oldest mystical
symbols in the world it can be traced back to Ancient Egypt, circa 1600 BC. However the pig dragons of the Hongshan culture (4700–2200 BC) of China are older. From ancient Egypt it passed to Phoenicia and then to the Greek philosophers, who gave it the name Ouroboros ("tail-devourer").

On the table The Magician has a Cup, Wand, Sword, and pentacle. These are the 4 suites of the Minor Arcana. The representation of this is that The Magician has the right tools and is a skillful man. The Magician wears a White and red robes. White is a connection to Aries in the Zodiac. Aries is confident and energetic, quick thinking, pioneering. Red is for Gemini, Gemini is about communication. The Magician speaks very well to others through his confidence. He is a speaker, a leader, he is good at management. The Yellow background connects to Taurus; this makes the magician reliable and patient. The Magician is all about personal power. Taking control of it and doing what you want, Making all the dreams that you had in the fool and actually do something productive to attain that goal. What situations come arise that signals you to take things into your control and power seize it!! The Magician keeps his word, His promise is good as gold. He is also good with his hands, building and handy work.


When Blocked
This means that you are having troubles creating things, not feeling connected and feel like you don't hold the right skills needed to complete a project. Frustration due to plans not going in the direction you planed, your plans may fail or fall under control of others.

When opposite
This is known as the con-artist card. The Magician is very skillful in his words, and when reversed it can signal a liar, and a thief and someone who is not who he says to be. You’re not skillful, you have little or no confidence in yourself and your losing direction. You can't come up with ideas and solutions.

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