Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Tarot Reader Search

Are you trying to find a tarot reader? You could use a search
engine like Google® or Yahoo ® to find one but there are so many people
to pick from how can you pick a good one? Here are some tips.

Online readers

1- How does there web space look like? Is it done neatly and professionally
or is it tacky and cheap looking? You don’t need to find someone with
a .com name just as long as they have some web space. Some readers have pages
on free sites like geosites cause they can’t afford monthly subscription
to host a .com

2- Look at their reviews others have left them. But be on the lookout for
fake reviews. If the review looks to be too polished it may be fake.

3- What is the reader clamming? If they say 100% accurate, they are lying
no one is. IF they say I will reunite you with your ex love, they can’t!

4- Pricing. This is a touchy subject. Everyone has the right to make whatever
price they want on their readings but is it worth a large price tag? That
for you to decide. A reader who offers a reading a lower price does not always
mean they are not a good reader, they are just more humble.

5- Look for a code of ethics. Most reputable readers should have a code of
ethics or conduct.

Public Readers

1- Is the reader fishing for answers ? (Cold Readings) are they asking more
than tell you.

2- Ask a friend or family member to refer you to a reader, Word of mouth is
a good way to find a good reader.

3- Are they trying to sell you something you don’t want like candles
or crystals to “help you”

4- If they say you have a curse on you or you have a dark aura Walk away and
don’t pay them, they are all lies!!

5- If they tell you when to come back again for another reading don’t,
come back when you want to.

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