Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tarot Readers Vs Psychics

Ok so we are all psychic, it’s just to what level your at that determines  how psychic you are. For some the gifts come very easily and others it is harder to connect to their gifts. For the group that have trouble opening and using the third eye often go into using tools of divination. Tarot, Runes, Pendulums, Crystal balls, ect are all but a few of tools we can use for divination. What is Divination you ask? Merriam-Webster dictionary defines divination as “the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers” We are going to look at Tarot only since we this blog is about Tarot. Now using Tarot is a good way to help develop your psychic abilities when you are reading intuitively. Reading in this manner helps you go with your feelings and not what a Book may say. Using a Book is also a great way to learn tarot but is not the way if you want to sharpen your psychic abilities. People ask me if I am psychic, I say Yes since we are all psychic but I say that my abilities are not at a level where I can read from just that, I am a Tarot reader so there are limitations. For 1 I don’t know every single detail of your life, 2 I can’t pick up on random things like your dog’s name is spike. This is why I use Tarot, I decode the cards and give you an answer from them, Yes I could be wrong by misinterpretations the same with psychics. But what about psychics that use Tarot cards you ask? It is common practice for a psychic to use Tarot cards as an add-on to a reading to help focus their energy, to help give some insight they might have missed, but The Tarot is not the Major aspect of the reading. It’s also because of these psychics that use tarot that people think Tarot readers are psychic because when some tells me they went to a Tarot reader and that reader said Your dog’s name is spike the person thinks they got it from the cards but it is their psychic side that is used for that information. Is it a perfect union of the two? Yea sure Psychics can use tarot to help there readings to be better and improve them. But when people start to think the two go hand in hand we get problems and people get disappointed some times by some readers who can’t tell them everything they want.

The Forms of psychic abilities. When some says “I am psychic” people will automatically say “Guess what I am thinking.” And the other will say that they are not a mind reader, they are right that gift would be telepathy and not all psychics have it. The other gifts would be clairaudience (Clear Hearing), clairsentience (Clear feeling) , and the most known clairvoyance(Clear seeing/knowing ). There are others such as Postcognition seeing the past, Precognition (Seeing the future this going hand in hand with clairvoyance). Empathy is the ability to feel other people’s emotions. Telepathy knowing what others are thinking. These are all great gifts to have, I myself would identify with Precognition, a little clairvoyance, and a touch of empathy and a dash of telepathy. Some people have one, two and more all mixed in. Some may just have one but on a high level that they are fine with just that one gift. So where does Tarot come in with all this psychic terms? Well if you don’t have any of these gifts naturally you can use the tarot to do these things. Tarot is like a universal remote. You are able to look into the past (Postcognition) you can also look into the future (Precognition) you can see how someone in feeling (Empathy) and you can also look at the present (Clairvoyance). So if you are having trouble with your gifts don’t feel bad, Pick up a Tarot deck to help connect with your gifts. There is also nothing wrong with just being a Tarot reader because we can do just about everything a Psychic can just with a few shuffles of the deck ?


Anonymous said...

By looking at the cards, these readers should be able to pick it up if he's acting up or not!

Either their only limited in their understanding of the cards or just there to impress others.

Whenever I read, I listen to the cards and ignore the what's goin on the background completely (objectively) to get what's going on underneath the surface.

If those readers paid more attention to what their doing, they'll be able to pick any red flag the moment they did their spread.

Of course, this is only one of my personal view and suggestions...


Anonymous said...

The previous comment was meant for the other topic not on this one.