Sunday, January 14, 2007

Where is God in Tarot?

Many people who are not familiar with Tarot would say it is something evil and is called by some as “The Devil’s Picture book” and is fair to understand why they would think so since the Devil in one of the more dark and “evil” looking cards of a tarot deck. But The Devil in the Tarot is not meant to represent him but to represent Addictions, self-limiting behaviors, Lust where love should be and blindness to the truth. The Devil card is the opposite of The Lovers, where in that card an Angel is Blessing the couple,The Lovers also brings the imaging of the Garden of Eden. But In the Devil The  same couple is used and The Devil is cursing the relationship and signifies a fall from the grace of God. Now on to my main subject, where is God in Tarot?? There is no God Card in the Major Arcana. Some people are to say that The World may represent God. But I say that God is in every card of the Major Arcana. In each M.A you can find either a personality quality of God like the Temperance card, God is well balanced and not to strict or to loose, not to harsh or too lenient. You can Find lessons of God in the M.A like The Hangman Card, This card often tells you to go with the will of God, Don’t fight it just let things go was they have to. Even in The Devil card you can find God! God can be found inside the Hearts of the people chained to the Devil, They are chained to him but if they wanted to they can remove the chains and seek God.

you want to get into a Gnostic approach to God in the Tarot then there are 2 cards that would be the God card, The Magician and The High Priestess. Gnostic teachings believe in a Father, & Mother God. There are two sides to God
and Jesus being the Son that makes the gnostic Trinity, Father/Mother/Son. The Magician and High Priestess are two half one self. The same could be said for the Empress and Emperor, but they are more of Development as Where the Magician and High Priestess is about Birth or Creation, The first creators. It makes perfect sense to me that there would be a Male and Female aspect of God so he would be balancedlike everything on earth, There is an opposite to everything in life. Night and Day, Black and White, Positive and Negative, Birth and Death, Good and Evil, and Male and Female. So why would God not have an opposite to him, and some would say The Devil is his opposite, but to say he is God’s Opposite is to say The Devil is of Equal power to God and IS NOT so I don’t count him.


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