Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Britney Shaves Her Head

I am not sure if you heared about the pop singers decision to shave her head over the weekend. Why would she do such a thing?? Well no one is certain but I figured “what the heck let me pull a few cards”

I asked two questions. One, why she did it and what did she want achieve from this?

Well for the first question I got The Magician and for the seconded I got The Fool.

Why she did it - The Magician- Hmm I would say she did this maybe to provea point that she will and can do anything she likes. The Magician is a person who can do anything he wants because he has the ability. She may though it would be creative and different. Surly it is different but has been done by another international singer. The magician is a creative person and can create  anything. The Magician is a person who when has an idea will go for it, So Britney must of gotten the idea and said “Hell I’ll do it”.


What did she want achieve from this? – The Fool – Well I could say there was not real goal to this. The Fool Is someone who looking for a new adventure and take that jump of the cliff. This was truly a spur of the moment type thing.

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