Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day

Love, what a beautiful thing right? Well for some people love comes easy and for others love is a troubling issue. The questions I get asked most is about relationships, the same will be said by just about every tarot reader. But the problem is that most people just want to know if Bob will come back or does Jim love them. As a reader on a popular site ( I have noticed the #1 question that is asked on the forum is about love. The job as a Tarot reader is to direct the client to the real issue in their life. Instead of asking “When will he come back” you should ask “What do I need in my life to have a successful relationship”. But there is nothing wrong with a reader answering the question of “Will Bob ever come back”. So I will share a reading I did a while ago. I have replaced the names with John and Jane. John asked "Will I get back together with my Ex Jane". I used my Ex-lovers spread (Edited)

The Meaning of each position & the cards that came up in
that position.

1) Past history of the relationship – Ace of Cups
2) Where John is right now – Page of Cups (Reversed)
3) Where Jane is right now – Queen of Swords
4) How Jane feels about getting back together – Page of Swords
5) How you feel about getting back together - Knight of Wands (Reversed)
6) Who or what hinders you two from getting back together – The Devil
7) Who or what can help bring you two back together – 2 of Cups (Reversed)
8) Why the relationship ended (Reelecting on the past) – 10 of Coins (Reversed)
9) The Possible outcome - 7 of Swords (Reversed)

The Past History of the relationship – Ace of Cups - This card is one of the "love” cards. So in the past this represents the love you two held. True feelings for one another, openness, sharing of emotions, this shows your past with Jane was very loving and was real.

Where you are right now - Page of Cups (Reversed) The Page is one of the court card and represents people or characteristics of people and feelings, It is also reversed and effects the meaning of the card, In this position of "where you are" it signifies your are unhappy, lack
of joy, emotionally stressed and feelings "robbed" of joy and love.

Where Jane is right now – The Queen of Swords - How funny that this card came up in this position! This is another court card and is a Female card so it is representing Jane indeed, The Interesting thing is that this card is the "Divorced female" card, so it says she is obviously divorced. She is also feeling dependent, she also feels that she has what she wants right now

How Jane feels about getting back together – Page of Swords – another court card and is showing her attitude towards this issue, She is on her guard and to me she does not want to get back together and will not have the feeling for it at this time.

How you feel about getting back together – Knight of wands (Reversed) – As you said in your request you love her and want to get back together with her, This card says you are rushing to much and wanting to be back together with Jane, Your are not thinking only acting on your desires. You need to slow it down.

Who or what opposes you two from getting back together - The Devil – This card speaks to me as an Addiction card, Now this could mean you have addiction or nasty habits Jane hates, and responses negatively to it, This also could mean you are "addicted" to Jane, and does not like it. This card is also about loss of hope, you may lose hop you that you two will get back together.

Who or what can help bring you back together- 2 of Cups (Reversed) Many marriages end because the couple loses touch with one another, they drift apart and lose the spark they had in the beginning. What can help is to re-spark the fire they you to had, this will be hard of course but it can help. Communication is also a key issue; more openness with one another would not hurt.

Why the relationship ended – 10 of Coins (Reversed) this
card speaks to me on a few levels.

1 – Breaking down on family structure. - Turing away from the family, not wanting to be a part of it, Taking care of the family and following the structured family life.

2 – Arguments over money- Bills, Inheritance, stealing of money and any other issue with money

3 - There might have been a sense of boardom and wanting to change up the routine of the everyday life style. We all fall into habits and routines we do everyday. this card would say there is a need to change this.

The possible outcome – 7 of Swords (Reversed) - this card is one of the "Returning" card and mean the Return of Jane to you, It could also mean that things between you two will be more honest and open, like I said should happen before. Or apart from Jane, You could find yourself
no longer alone, and with someone, Either way without Jane things look better.

In summary, I can't Say YES Jane will come back, But you must understand what went wrong and why she wanted to have a Divorce, Focus on what you can fix to help bring her Back. But the truth is if she does not want to get back with you she may stick with that. She may change if you change. My advice based on the reading, Take things slow, don't be in a rush to get back together, don't lose hope and have negativity over come you. Try and find the spark you to had, Be more honest, and fix the problem that caused the divorce.

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