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Interview with a psychic: Tiffany Johnson

Today I have my first of many interviews with a psychic. Today I have psychic Tiffany Johnson from Minnesota. She is the host of the very popular podcast show “New Age Today with Psychic Tiffany Johnson” on Tiffany started with Tarot cards at the age of 14, as many psychics do. Today Tiffany works with channeling, inner-voice intuition. Tiffany is a reiki master, hypnotherapist and last but not least an ordaine minister. Tiffany teaches subjects that include Tarot, Psychic Development and Angels. She has written a book called “Seeds of thought: A comprehensive guide to the new age”. Tiffany and her Co-host Jennifer are currently working on a new and anticipated book. So be on the lookout for it.  In Late in 2006 Tiffany was asked to be a part of the Greater Lakes Search and Rescue team. This team comprised all of volunteer police, paramedics and emergency medical technicians works on missing person’s cases in the Midwest.

Lets not wait any longer here is the interview. Enjoy

EVANGELIOS: What brought your attention to the Tarot?

TIFFANY: I don't really know. It was something that I was drawn to. Certainly the idea that it could be learned was comforting to me. I think it was the mysticism of it.

ANGELO: What where your preconceptions of the Tarot before hand?

TIFFANY: I don't think I had any. I just knew that it could "tell your fortune". That was about it. I wasn't raised to believe that tarot/Ouija/palm readings/etc. were bad.

ANGELO: What deck did you buy first?

TIFFANY: I think it was The Mythic Tarot. If it wasn't, that deck was certainly one of my first.

EVANGELIOS: Do you still have it and still use it?

TIFFANY: ABSOLUTELY. Now, it's a little worn and smells like Patchouli (which I LOVE!).

ANGELO: How did your family and friends react to your practice of the tarot? Did you keep it a secret a first?

TIFFANY: Honestly - I just played with it and read about it for several months. It wasn't to hide anything from anyone, but I was studying. I wanted to understand what the Tarot was. Then, after a while, I read for my mother and she was very encouraging, Even though I had to reference the book the entire reading.

ANGELO: Did you read tarot from book meanings or by intuition.

TIFFANY: Well, I guess I just answered that. I, like everyone else that is starting with Tarot, used the book as a crutch. After a while, I just tossed it aside. Not that I was confident that I had memorized everything, but because I knew what they cards were trying to tell me. The book became limiting and I knew my intuition was stronger than a definition in a book.

ANGELO: What role would you say Tarot had in strengthened your Psychic Abilities?

TIFFANY: It was THE role. If it weren't for the Tarot, I wouldn't have started utilizing my intuition which was the door to psychic information.

ANGELO: When did you start to lean away from the Tarot and start using your intuition more?

TIFFANY: Honestly, I don't have a date or time when it happened. I just weaned myself from using logic all the time to working with intuitive notions.

ANGELO: What role does Tarot play in your life now? Do you still use it in your readings?

TIFFANY: I love the Tarot. I LOVE doing Tarot readings, but predominantly, my clients ask me to channel. I get REALLY excited when someone asks me specifically for a Tarot reading. And, on a more personal note, every year a I do a full year spread for myself. Throughout the year, I'll pull cards on issues that weigh heavily in my life.

ANGELO: What role does tarot play in your readings if it is used during a reading?

TIFFANY: When I'm asked to pull cards, it's the main focus. When I suggest it (to get a different perspective for my clients), it's used more as a "double check" to my interpretations as to what I'm getting from their spirit guides.

ANGELO: How many decks do you own and what is your favorite?

TIFFANY: Oh man. I don't know. I have several here at the house and quite a few at the office. NOT to mention the many decks I have passed on to family, friends and clients. My favorite is still the Mythic Tarot. I love the Voyager too... And the Quest... You see where this is going. ;)

ANGELO: How does your use of Tarot differ from when you first started and

TIFFANY: The cards really tell me a whole story. It isn't just about what card is in what position in a spread. I look at the entire layout and see a landscape opening in front of me. That is the biggest difference. I used to read one card at a time. Now, they are like a chorus.

ANGELO: How do you use the Tarot personally? Do you do the “One card a Day”?

TIFFANY: Again, I got ahead of myself above... I don't do the card a day thing. But it's not because I don't think it's a silly idea. I think it's a great idea. I'm just lazy.

ANGELO: At what age did you had your first psychic experience?

TIFFANY: I cannot remember a time where I didn't have pretty grand psychic experiences. However, I didn't see them that way. I didn't know any different.

ANGELO: What did you think of it at first?

TIFFANY: Here again, I didn't know any better. Heck, it wasn't until I was about 27 years old that I didn't know that everyone didn't see halos of light around people when they sat with them for a while!

ANGELO: When did you become more serious in your abilities?

TIFFANY: Probably when I took the plunge and went full time into this career. But, overall, there have been several times in my life where God/Universe/Goddess has whacked me upside the head to take things to a deeper level.

ANGELO: How many abilities do you have?

TIFFANY: Lots. I'm a really good baker. ;) BUT I assume you mean psychic abilities. I believe that everyone has all psychic abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairgustance), but my strength is clairaudience followed by clairvoyance.

ANGELO: If you could have another ability what would it be?

TIFFANY: Honestly - in answer to that - there isn't one. I'm happy with my currently blessings. BUT I'd certainly like to go deeper with what I have.

ANGELO: Which ability do you wish was stronger, if any?

TIFFANY: Clairvoyance.

ANGELO: At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to work as a Professional Psychic

TIFFANY: Honestly - I can remember taking walks in my adolescence and asking God to give me stronger psychic abilities. So - I guess pretty much forever.

ANGELO: What do you like the most about being a Psychic and what do you

TIFFANY: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my clients. My job, my ultimate duty is to strengthen people's faith. That's what I do. That's why I'm here, Also to allow them to rejoice in it. NOT mourn it. I want to be a tool, for God, to open people's mind. As far as the "hate" thing I don't hate anything about my job, but I get disturbed by those that want complete change in their lives, but are
not willing to move one inch to make it happen. That drives my bonkers. Everything else I can handle.

ANGELO: Does being a Psychic affect your everyday life? If so in what way? Negative and or Positive

TIFFANY: Really - it doesn't unless someone asks what I do for a living. Then I usually have a palm shoved in my face. Ironically, I don't do palms, probably for that reason alone. Otherwise, I'm just a silly, girly, blonde gal from MN. I love my life and I'm honored that I get to have the coolest job in the whole world. I love that I get to help so many connect with the Divine.

ANGELO: What was your greatest achievement to date?

TIFFANY: I think that there are too many. I'm shocked by what comes across my

ANGELO: What goals have you set for yourself in your career?

TIFFANY: To get myself even more "out there". Not for fame or fortune, but to show people the vastness of the Universe. To give them hope when it may be tough to see. I'd love to have a show on TV, but only if it's in my highest good.

ANGELO: would be your Hero or biggest influence in your life?

I don't think I have one. My mom is certainly one. She had the courage to allow me to do what I wanted. Even if it made her uncomfortable AND CERTAINLY my hubby, He's always pushing me to be and do more as a PERSON.

This concludes our interview. If you would like to contact Tiffany for a reading I highly recommend her.You can visit her website and email her and if you’re on don’t forget to add her!! . I also recommend that you listen to her podcast “New age today with Psychic Tiffany Johnson” It is a great podcast. It’s filled with lots of energy, humor and information. Visit
I am off now to get my next interview!!!


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