Monday, February 12, 2007

Myspace Groups

Myspace is an amazing social site! The one thing I love about it is all the
groups on Tarot, psychics, and all that fun stuff!! I have joined countless
groups and my list keeps growing. I have my own Group on Myspace where
I and other people answer questions that get posted. I just redesigned the group
and you can check it out here.

Some of my top favorite groups are followed

1- The Number one Psychic group “Real Psychics & Mediums
2- The Best place to find Tarot Readers with a funny Group name “Tarot readers of the world unite and takeover
3- Another Top Fav of mine “Psychic Mind
4- “All Things Occult

New Groups on The rise

1- “Troy’s Psychic Friends
2- “The Psychic’s Circle

Groups for the famous Psychic

1- “John Edward
2- “Char Margolis
3- “Lisa Williams
4- “Sylvia Browne

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