Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rolling The Dice

Rolling dice is a form of divination, but I don’t use it so often. I have found one thing it is very good for and you can try it some time. The NBC game show “Deal or no Deal” has a mini game that the home viewer and play. One out of six cases has $10,000 & you must pick one that you think has the money in it. Pick right one and you have a chance of winning. So where does the dice have to do with this? Well a Die has numbers 1-6 in it and is the perfect tool to pick a number for this game. All I go is ask “Tell me what case has the money” and throw it. Whatever number comes up will be the case. The success rate is high. Like 80% and up. I just did it on Monday night’s game, I pick case 4 and I was right. Go ahead and try it! You may be surprised! If you win remembered who told you about this ;)

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