Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tarot Prediction: Super Bowl XLI

I like to use the Tarot to try and predict winners of sporting events or any other  type of competition. But I don’t bet on who I think will win with Tarot cause that would be cheating. I did try to see what the score would be but I did not like what I saw from the cards, Colts 12 – Bears 2. I just did not feel that was right. So maybe I can’t get the score so what I did was just ask who has a better chance at winning and who will win.

Who has a Better chance at winning, Colts 9 of Swords Reversed – This looks good, when reversed this card would say troubles, anxiety and worries will be lifted and calmness will be restored. So during the super bowl we may see the Colts in a Bad spot and everyone will think they will lose, but all that will change later on. There Hope and faith will give them a good upper hand. But will it be enough to win? Who Will Win? Colts Ace of Swords – This looks to be a good card. I would say this card would be Yes, But let’s look into the card, This card speaks about analyzing and cutting through the mist and confusion.

Who has better chance at winning, Bears – Knight of Pentacles reversed. I would say that the bears will not have things too well plan out, may try to rush things and just not relay working together with the team. So this is not a good thing. Who will win, Bears – 6 of Swords? This looks like they are defeated and accepting it and just learning from their mistakes for improving themselves in the future. This card indicates “Low point” sadness and the “Blues”.

My Conclusion is the Colts will win the super Bowl, lets see if I am right.


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