Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tarot year round - February

So February is on its way out and here comes March. So the card that came up for February was the 2 of Pentacles. Joan Bunning’s Website describes this card’s actions as

 juggling, being flexible, and Having fun.

She then goes on the write “There is nothing quite likes the feeling
of being graceful and effective at the same time. On the Two of Pentacles we see a young man dancing as he juggles his worldly concerns. The infinity sign loops around the two pentacles to suggest that he can handle unlimited problems. In the background we see two ships riding the waves easily - cruising the ups and downs of life.
In readings, the Two of Pentacles lets you know that you can juggle all demands made upon you. In fact, you will relish the excitement of every hurdle. If you do not feel this level of confidence right now, this card asks you to believe in yourself. You have all you need to meet your every goal and more. Embrace the challenge.”

What happened this month that reflects this card? The major thing this month was that I was fired from a part time job I had for 8 months. You may say that is bad, But it was a blessing. I found a more stable job back in December where I can make more money and go to school and have my nights free. the 2 of Pentacles is about balancing and juggling and while I was being fired I stated that I had a lot going on right now with going to school and having another job that’s a bit more demanding. I said I am doing my best to Balance them all and do all 3. I was speaking exactly what the card means. The problem was I was not able to Go to school, Work at my new Job, Work at this job and also try and promote my business. So one had to go and it was that job. But the good thing is now my priorities are in check and I can have everything balanced!!

About being flexible, that goes in hand with the balance thing. I was not able to be more flexible than I wanted to be with that job. Deep down I did not want to work there anymore. But the good thing is that I am now open to more possibilities and I changed my direction in my life.

Most people see this card about paper work concerning money.So you now April 15th is almost here , I got my W2’s and I am just waiting now to get that done with the accountant.

The challenge aspect Ms. Bunning wrote “If you do not feel this level of confidence right now, this card asks you to believe in yourself. You have all you need to meet your every goal and more. Embrace the challenge.” This rings true to me this month mainly with school and work. In my English class we do a lot of writing and I felt this month I would not be able to write my essay and most recently a response to an essay we read. But I did it all, I got my work done and met the requirements. At work I was worried that I was going to mess up my cash box (I work at a Bank) and I would either be over or short. But nothing went wrong. So I should have more confidence in myself.

I am not to sure about "having fun" Ms. Bunning writes under that "doing something you enjoy" I could say that I am doing somthing I enjoy. I enjoy my new job and I enjoy doing Taot readings. Getting fired in a way allowed be to focus on what I enjoy more.Ms. Bunning also says this is a high energy card. This month I have been trying to work out some more and be more active, just today I bought Hydroxycut Hardcore, a Diet supplement to give me more energy. So yep I am going to get more energy for sure now. Ha That’s all you need now is an over stimulated Tarot reader!!

All in all the card reflected this month excellently! I hope next month goes well, even though that card I got does not look to promise good stuff.

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