Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tarot year round

Every year I do a Year outlook reading, I pull one card for each month. I do this to take a look at what that month has in store for me so I can be prepared. I will be posting my results of January.

For January I got the eight of Pentacles. I knew right away it was right. This card is about working, learning new skills, going into training, schooling and new jobs and working hard. This is 100% on the dot.

Last month I started College after taking half a year off as advised by Psychic Tiffany, and It was a great choice that I made and I was happy to hear confirmation from her that I should wait. Anyway so Starting College was one thing we can check off. Training, I went into a 2 week training program for my new job as a teller at a Bank. Working hard, Yep I began to work more hard then I have before in my past jobs. Leaning and or Re-learningskills. Yes again. I learned new skills in my training and I am relearning my math skills in my math class! All In all This month and the card were 100% correct and I am astonished by it. I will never stop be amazed by the tarot! Now February is almost done and I already seen that cards qualities shine through…..but that’s for another post.

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