Monday, February 19, 2007

Triangle of Love: Tarot Spread

Here is a nice love spread I found online and would like to share. Its seems to be used for someone who is not in a relationship at the present time, But I guess you can use it for someone in a relationship. If I use this anytime in the future I will post the reading.

Position 1: present problem
2, 3,4 represent past
Position 2: childhood influences/what you were taught about love
Position 3: adolescent/young adult lessons about love
Position 4: resent past/ within the last year issues in your love life
5, 6 represent the present
Position 5: current influences
Position 6: where things will lead if you keep going down the same path
7, 8, 9, 10 represent advice
Position 7: What the querent needs to work on
Position 8: who/what can help the querent
Position 9: who/what the querent should avoid
Position 10: summary and final advice

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