Monday, February 19, 2007

World Tarot Readers: The best site for Free Tarot Readings

Now I am not talking about simple 3 card spread readings these are readings that are made with effort and care for each client. A search on google for “Tarot Reader” you will find World Tarot Readers coming up at #6. World Tarot Readers (WTR) is an amazing group of Tarot readers ranging from students to masters from all over the world. They join together to offer free readings to the public and to teach one another about the tarot. Why you may ask? Well some of the readers are students and are learning and use this group as a way to expand their knowledge. Others have already set themselves up as readers for hire like myself and are looking to expand their cliental through free readings. But all of the readers on WTR have one universal goal, this is to help others. WTR has been doing exactly that for many years now.

I myself have seen the WTR site for a few years now and loved it and wanted to join. I got my chance and I am now a part of a great group of skilled reader since November of 2006. I must say the one thing I love about this group is that everyone shares their ideas about the tarot and helps one another see the tarot in new light. We share our thoughts on the readings we do for our Clients and give different viewpoints to how a card can be seen. We share different spreads, different techniques of how to read and new ways to associate the cards to one another.

Genuine is one of our group leaders and co-founder of WTR. She is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader in Sweden. She had this to say. “WTR has for several years been a gathering place for insecure readers; it’s a stepping stone into the world of professional readers if you will. I started out once being scared to death of the Tarot cards and had a long and laborious journey to understand that the "magick" is within the readers, not in the 78 pieces of papers on the table. There is a lot of superstition and doubts about reading the Tarot - many think we are fortunetellers; we are nothing of the sort. No one seems to explain why or how the Tarot works, but it does open the mind to suggestions to solve the most intricate problems in all areas of our daily lives. Personally, I love to build up confidences of insecure readers into believing into themselves as interpreters of the Universe”.

If you would like a free reading just visit and place your request. Be sure to check often if you don’t get through, there is always a high demand for the readers on WTR.

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