Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tarot year round – March

March has come and gone now and I cannot believe it! Time goes by so fast. I guess its because I am more active, I have work and school on either day of the week. The only time now I have for myself is the night and all of Sunday. Well for March my card was the five of Cups. I was very upset when I got thiscard, I felt something upsetting was going to happen and I would be sad this whole month. Well I was right.

1) I have tried to upgrade my computer to Windows Vista a few times in the past and have very bad results. Within the first few days on March I tried to install it again, I end up needing to reinstall windows XP again and have to recover all my files from my backup drive. This process is long and tedious and made me upset, feel regret also disappointment. These are the main key words to this card. However I looked past the negative and look at the positive (The remaining cups) that I have everything saved on a separate hard drive.

2) I love my new job and hope to God I never lose it, I thought I would lose my job this month because this card came up. I did not THANK GOD, but I did have
a talk with my boss that made me very sad, But things are much better now!!

This is all I could remember from this month. I get a better understanding from this card because of my experience. The card is about sadness, regret but it’s not long lasting you need to look past the negative and look for the positive to the situation because that’s how you will get past it. Hope is across the bridge, you just have to cross .

Friday, March 23, 2007

3 card reading for myself

Here is a reading I did for myself. It is a rare thing that I do a reading for myself since I focus on helping others more often.
I just wanted to understand where I am in my life, where I need to go in the future and how I can get there.

For Where I am in my life I got the 4 of Cups. To me this tells me that I am having a lack in motivation. Very true, I want to become more active and exercise more but I often feel drained. I feel tiered from College and work. I have the time, just not the motivation. I am trying to see if there could be something that I am not accepting into my life that is being presented to me, so far nothing can come to mind. I also make a connection that I am comfortable with my life at the moment and I am not looking to change it for fear of instability.

Where do I need to go in the future, The Devil Reversed- Ok I know what this means! I think I have an addiction with buying things. I love buying things (Often online). I just bought a Sylvia Browne Book and a Mini Tarot Deck. So this card to me is telling me Stop with the spending. I may also need to put myself in a brighter place, rather than the Dark and gloomy.

How can I bring myself to this, 9 of Swords reversed – I need to deal with my sadness and stopping buying objects to make myself feel better. I also need to control my stress and worry. I may need to get some more sleep to help make me happy and calm. And Yes I love my sleep!!!!!

I think this reading truly reflected where I am right now.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2007

Everytime I am in the new age section of Barns and Noble I have always seen this book "Llewellyn's Tarot Reader 2007". I would flip through it but never took the time to read it. It looked nice but I noticed that it was not a "Regular Tarot Book" with tarot meanings. Its a book with articals from pro tarot readers, Deck reviews, spreads and more. So jump a few months foward and I decied what the heck let me buy the dam thing and see what its about. I really like the
book for the articals in it. I like to read what Pro readers have to say about the tarot, their experiances and advice. The articals I like the most are "Questions we love to hate" By Teresa Michelsen. This artical talks about the questions that most readers don't like to get from clients.I also like "When good cards
go bad" by James Ricjlef. I liked this book so much I went on to Amazon to bough the 2006 edition and got it today. I am thinking of getting 05's edition and 08's when it comes out. If you are new to tarot or been reading for years this seires are great to have in your collection.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hillary VS Obama: Race to the white house

I love doing readings on topics in the media because a lot can be validated in the news and I can get feedback from my readings. So I decided to do a reading On Hillary and Obama. Hope you like it.

Barack Hussein Obama                    Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton
August 4, 1961                                           October 26, 1947

1) Where is Barack Obama in his life right now
2) Where is Hillary Clinton in her life right now

3) What can Obama bring to the White house that is positive
4) What can Obama bring that is a negative to the white house

5) What can Hillary bring to the white house that is Positive
6) What can she bring that is a negative to the white house

7) What would obama achieve while in the white house
8) What would Hillary achieve while in the white house

9) How does the public view obama
10) How does the public view Hillary

11) If elected how would obama change the USA
12) If elected how would Hillary change the USA

13) Is Obama ready
14) Is Hillary ready

Let’s examine the first pair of cards.
Where is Barack Obama in his life right now? Ace of Pentacles reversed.
Where is Hillary Clinton in her life right now? 8 of Cups

Barack Obama, with the ace of pentacles reversed I would say right now he could be finally making up his mind in what he wants from his life, With this card reversed he is moving in a direction that is focused on the people and the needs of the people. He also feels that running for president is a great opportunity and does not want to wait another 4 years to run. With this reversed there are delays and or weakness of this card. I also feel that his luck is fading off and is trying to get it back.

Hillary Clinton, The eight of Cups. This to me is clear. Hillary has been senator for some time now and I feel though as this card may signal a desire for change in her occupation. I am not saying she is does not love her job, Just wants change or to explore. It’s funny how she started the President Exploratory Committee, Because this card is about Exploring what’s out there. Some others may say this card is not talking about work, but more about her relationship with Bill. I can acknowledge that as a possibility, There could be a wanting to leave Bill or need time away…… But that’s all I will say.

What can Obama bring to the White house that is positive? Queen of Cups
What can Obama bring that is a negative to the white house? 2 of Pentacles Reversed

I was expecting the Queen of Cups to come up for Hillary….. Well what you gonna do?
The Queen of Cups tells me he would bring a very caring and loving touch to the white house. I see him making friends with everyone that works there. There would be a nice feeling of reinsurance due to the support he may give out.

2 of Pentacles Reversed however say that there may be off balance in the white house. But I don’t see a lot of negativity. I saw this and laughed, I just see him in the office going “Umm where did I that treaty?” and looks everywhere and Finds it and hour later. I also see this as a sign of a work-alcoholic, all work and no play makes Obama go crazy!

What can Hillary bring to the white house that is Positive? The Lovers
What can she bring that is a negative to the white house? 9 of Wands reversed
The Lovers to me would say that this could indicate partnerships (Hillary and Bill) and the reliance on one another. I always said that If Hillary is President than Bill will right behind her to help and guide and this card reinforces that. I think it’s a great thing! Also this is a good sign of progress in the white house, so finally there will be some work getting done.

9 of Wands reversed, for the negative may indicate room for carelessness due to distractions. She may become more relaxed and she would be seeing that she already lived there for 8 years. Also she may become focused on a few numbers of issues and not on new developing ones.

What would obama achieve while in the white house? Page of Cups Reversed
What would Hillary achieve while in the white house? 2 of Swords reversed
The Page of Cups Reversed is tough to interpret for an achievement, however what comes to my mind is he would be able to keep his faith or beliefs out of politics, Or keep his gut feelings and rational thinking separate.

The 2 of Swords reversed for Hillary to me says she will know when to But out of a conflict or issue that she can’t solve, fix or whatever. This could say she won’t be so willing to get involved with other fairs in other countries, or at the least stop trying to help if things are not working.

How does the public view Obama? 3 of pentacles reversed
How does the public view Hillary, 8 of Wands

I feel that the public views Obama as underdeveloped or lacking the experience, skills or knowledge from the 3 of pentacles reversed. They may see him as someone who lacks creativity. On a more positive side, they see him as someone who will work twice as hard to make up for what he may lack.

8 of Wands for Hillary, Its may indicate peoples opinions are “Up in the air” and have no opinion or have not made one yet. Others may see her as someone with a lot of energy and is on the move doing something all the time.

If elected how would obama change the USA? Queen of Wands
If elected how would Hillary change the USA? 5 of Wands

The Queen of Wands of wands to me would say that he would be able to make this country more self-confident and even earn respect from the other countries that we have lost.
Hillary with the 5 of Wands to me has two meanings. One, that there may be arguments among the people (Or republicans) about how she is doing her Job, or two She would be able to make jobs more competitive, I don’t see job shortages because we got that now and we are looking for changes indicated by the cards.

Is Obama Ready? The Empress
Is Hillary Ready? 5 of Swords Reversed
Yes I think Obama is ready, the empress says he is ready and wants to reform and give new life to the country and has plans already I mind.

Is Hillary ready, I think she is ready for moving into something on a larger scale, rather than Senator. She is ready to move on up and away from the problems of one state to all the states.
Obama got a major Arcana and Hillary got a Minor. To me this means that Obama’s readiness is on a large scale, But Hillary since already was in the white house It would not be this Major change.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

So many decks so little time.

It’s an amazing thing how many tarot decks there are available out today. Years ago there was a limited supply and it was often hard to find a deck. Thank god for the internet! Now a day you can go to,, and to find a large selection of decks. Hop on over to and you can check out a large list of decks. Read reviews and see previews of the cards.

This may seem like a great thing and it is but there is a drawback to this. For people starting out with the tarot, picking a deck is hard. People of the time people start out with the Rider Waite Deck, The most popular and copied deck. Just about all decks use the Rider Waite system. I myself started with this deck and have three versions of it. I think that the Rider Waite is the way to go first, Learn that deck and then move on to other decks. The only thing I would say however is do not get the Original rider Waite. Get either the Universal or Radiant because the re-coloring of the deck is better. Plus most tarot books use the Rider Waite for their interpretations.

Other starter decks would include

Hanson-Roberts Tarot (Mary Hanson-Roberts)
Universal Tarot (Roberto de Angelis)
Morgan-Greer Tarot (Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan)
The Gilded Tarot (Ciro Marchetti)

The Thoth deck is another deck people may pick if they don’t like the images of the Rider Waite and look for something more “deep” in meanings and images, However the Thoth uses a different system than the Rider Waite.

Whatever deck you pick it is important you that feel a good connection with it and are comfortable with it.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

"Lost" Episode with a Tarot reader

The episode on wednesday had a flashback for Hurley, who was so
convinced he was cursed that his father took him to a tarot reader.

The Standard gypsie get-up was worn, very cliche, she had tarotcards and laid down three cards from the Medieval Scapini Tarot. We never sawthe first card, the second I THINK was the 9 of Wands. The third was Death of course. She told him he'd come into a good bit of money, the second cardshe told him that it hadn't brought him any happiness. The third she showed him - Death - and said he was under a horrible curse which she could remove...yada yada yada.At that point he got a funny look on his face, asked her if his dadhad put her up to it, he'd give her $1,000 if she'd tell him. She said no. Whileshe tossed herbs and a raw egg into a pot to break his curse he upped his price to $10,000 which got an immediate 'yes he did' from her. So she wasn't doinga real reading after all, and the curse thingie was something she'd been paidto do, when his father had arranged all this.

It was funny, but it really fed into the cliche about readers--the
whole Death card, curse on you and everything.