Friday, March 23, 2007

3 card reading for myself

Here is a reading I did for myself. It is a rare thing that I do a reading for myself since I focus on helping others more often.
I just wanted to understand where I am in my life, where I need to go in the future and how I can get there.

For Where I am in my life I got the 4 of Cups. To me this tells me that I am having a lack in motivation. Very true, I want to become more active and exercise more but I often feel drained. I feel tiered from College and work. I have the time, just not the motivation. I am trying to see if there could be something that I am not accepting into my life that is being presented to me, so far nothing can come to mind. I also make a connection that I am comfortable with my life at the moment and I am not looking to change it for fear of instability.

Where do I need to go in the future, The Devil Reversed- Ok I know what this means! I think I have an addiction with buying things. I love buying things (Often online). I just bought a Sylvia Browne Book and a Mini Tarot Deck. So this card to me is telling me Stop with the spending. I may also need to put myself in a brighter place, rather than the Dark and gloomy.

How can I bring myself to this, 9 of Swords reversed – I need to deal with my sadness and stopping buying objects to make myself feel better. I also need to control my stress and worry. I may need to get some more sleep to help make me happy and calm. And Yes I love my sleep!!!!!

I think this reading truly reflected where I am right now.

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