Sunday, March 11, 2007

So many decks so little time.

It’s an amazing thing how many tarot decks there are available out today. Years ago there was a limited supply and it was often hard to find a deck. Thank god for the internet! Now a day you can go to,, and to find a large selection of decks. Hop on over to and you can check out a large list of decks. Read reviews and see previews of the cards.

This may seem like a great thing and it is but there is a drawback to this. For people starting out with the tarot, picking a deck is hard. People of the time people start out with the Rider Waite Deck, The most popular and copied deck. Just about all decks use the Rider Waite system. I myself started with this deck and have three versions of it. I think that the Rider Waite is the way to go first, Learn that deck and then move on to other decks. The only thing I would say however is do not get the Original rider Waite. Get either the Universal or Radiant because the re-coloring of the deck is better. Plus most tarot books use the Rider Waite for their interpretations.

Other starter decks would include

Hanson-Roberts Tarot (Mary Hanson-Roberts)
Universal Tarot (Roberto de Angelis)
Morgan-Greer Tarot (Bill Greer & Lloyd Morgan)
The Gilded Tarot (Ciro Marchetti)

The Thoth deck is another deck people may pick if they don’t like the images of the Rider Waite and look for something more “deep” in meanings and images, However the Thoth uses a different system than the Rider Waite.

Whatever deck you pick it is important you that feel a good connection with it and are comfortable with it.

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