Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tarot year round – March

March has come and gone now and I cannot believe it! Time goes by so fast. I guess its because I am more active, I have work and school on either day of the week. The only time now I have for myself is the night and all of Sunday. Well for March my card was the five of Cups. I was very upset when I got thiscard, I felt something upsetting was going to happen and I would be sad this whole month. Well I was right.

1) I have tried to upgrade my computer to Windows Vista a few times in the past and have very bad results. Within the first few days on March I tried to install it again, I end up needing to reinstall windows XP again and have to recover all my files from my backup drive. This process is long and tedious and made me upset, feel regret also disappointment. These are the main key words to this card. However I looked past the negative and look at the positive (The remaining cups) that I have everything saved on a separate hard drive.

2) I love my new job and hope to God I never lose it, I thought I would lose my job this month because this card came up. I did not THANK GOD, but I did have
a talk with my boss that made me very sad, But things are much better now!!

This is all I could remember from this month. I get a better understanding from this card because of my experience. The card is about sadness, regret but it’s not long lasting you need to look past the negative and look for the positive to the situation because that’s how you will get past it. Hope is across the bridge, you just have to cross .

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