Sunday, April 8, 2007

Connecting to your intuition

Intuition is a very important factor in a tarot reading. If you are able to connect to your intuition in tarot reading you can get a bit more info for yourself or clients. There are many ways information comes to us. It can come by ways of visions (Clairvoyance), sounds (Clairaudience), or thoughts (Clairsentience). When I do a reading I have had visions mostly symbols. If you have watched John Edward and he says “They [The other side] are showing me pink roses that means…..” I get that sometimes. I get images of roses in different colors like John. I had an experience where I actually heard a voice, it said a single word while I was doing a reading for a client. But what can you do to open your intuition? Well there are a few things you can do.

1) Meditation – Yes sounds easy but for many it’s a hard thing. Most people can’t calm their minds to hear messages. There are a few misconceptions of Meditation. People think you have to have a separate room for it, not true. All you need is a nice quite room where you feel relaxed and will be undisturbed. You can sit on a chair, couch but I like to be on my bed. What I like to do is clear my mind, but since I keep my mind empty of thought I picture white light, and think of the light all around me, bring peace to me and soon I am more calm. You can light candles, Music is ok but I think it can be distracting. Remember though that meditation can be anything you find relaxing, like walking or cleaning, taking a bath or shower. Anything where you find peace and your mind can calm down.

2) Breathing the right way - Well everyone breaths but not in the best manner. While meditating take longer deeper breaths, breathing more give your brain and body more oxygen that allows us to think more clearly. Have you have been stressed and took a deep breath and you began to feel better? Your brain needs more oxygen.

3) Play with cards- Can a deck or playing cards or just use your Tarot deck. Spread the cards, and focus your mind and wave your hands over the cards and try and pick out a type of suite. OR shuffle the deck and try to guess what card is at the top. Its better to use a playing card deck so you can guess color type or the card.

4) Listen to your Gut – Listen to your gut, we often ignore it and we sometimes regret it. If you get a feeling acknowledge it and write it down to see if what you felt comes true.

5) Be confident – Keep confident in yourself. If you are not confident in the information you get then you will second guess it. If you get something just say it.

While reading Tarot an intuitive approach to interpreting the cards can be more useful than traditional meanings. Trust yourself.

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