Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Daily tarot reading: What will today hold for you?

The daily tarot reading or Card a day is good way to learn about the tarot cards and what they mean to you. You can read every book ever made and still lack something meaning, That why personal experience is important with learning about the cards. For Tuesday April 10 2007 I did my daily reading to see what was in stored for me. I often do these readings either a few hours before midnight or after midnight on the day I am reading into. I like to do them before I go to sleep. I pulled two cards from my new Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck. The Eight of Swords for “Today’s influence” & “Word of Advice” was six of Cups reversed. I was unhappy
to see the eight of swords and I knew what It was going to be about!

First let’s see what I wrote down about these cards, For the 8 of swords I felt that I would feel trapped and or helpless. Worry and anxiety because of my own doing.

The 6 of Cups Reversed tells me I need to act more grown up, I can’t deal with problems or conflicts like I use to in High school.

Here is what happened

In my English class we were assigned to read an essay from out book over the spring break. Well I read about two pages and put it away cause it was boring and I knew we did not have to answer any questions so I said “What the hell I won’t read it”, BIG MISTAKE. I knew the eight of Swords was a omen about something with this essay!!! I go to English class today and we had a pop quiz on the essay that I did not read. I was stuck/trapped and a mental problem “HOW WILL I DO THIS QUIZ!”, I caused this problem cause I did not read the essay! So I can blame myself. I was worried because It would affect my grade. I only knew the answer to one question and faked my way through a few others. Now here is the kicker! We now need to write a three page response to the essay (like always, I should of seen that one coming) so here again, Worry, Anxiety and “Stuck” in a mental problem “How will I write this”. I aksed classmates if anyone took notes while they read the essay at home, no one had any. I was on my own!

Here comes the advice! The 6 of Cups reversed tells me to act grown up and not to deal with problems like I use to, which was to ignore the homework and say to myself “I would stress myself over this S***” So I took the advice and first prayed to God for clarity and focus. I also asked for outside help with this issue like the 8 of swords would imply But no one replied to my text message. About an hour or so later I got the response to the essay all done! Now I am calm and happy and a bit wiser!

What did I learn? That I can’t ignore my problems with my school work and that when I ask for help I may not always get it from people, but I can pray to God for strength and I got it. I also learned that if the 8 of swords comes up again I will be on the lookout for a pop quiz!!!

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