Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol Final

Ok i tired to do a reading to see who will win the final. Blake or Jordin.
Well I tried a reading but I did not connect with the cards, I felt no answer, both cards where reversed, then I tried again, both where right side up. I get the feeling I am not ment to know the answer. This does happen from time to to. If the answer is not ment to be kown then tough luck.

Peronaly I think Blake preforms better, but Jordin has the voice. I think Jordin will win.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Follow up on my American Idol prediction

Ok well my prediction was right and wrong.
I pulled once card for each person

Melinda Doolittle – 2 of Wands Reversed
Jordin Sparks – The Hierophant Reversed
Blake Lewis – 8 of wands

I figured that Jordin would be the one to get the boot, but Malinda was. However I did feel off about melinda and Jordin but bacause of The Hierophant Reversed i had a strong feeling Jordin would be gone. Blake got the 8 of wands and I knew he would be safe and was right on that.

So I guess you cant predict everything, but I will try again next week with the final

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I need to learn

“What I need to learn”
Spread from “The Tarot Bible” By Sarah Bartlett"

Tarot deck: Tarot of the new vision Lo Scarabeo Series
by Alligo, Pietro

I was looking in the many tarot books I own to find a spread I could do on myself and also share on here on my blog. I often look for spreads that bring insight to my life, I never really need a reading for myself but when I do I want a reading that makes me think and look at things differently.

This spread from The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett did that for me.

1 &2 & 3 = What I need to learn about Love

6 of Pentacles – 9 of Swords Reversed and Page of Pentacles Reversed

4 &5 & 6 = What I need to learn about life

Page of Swords reversed – 3 of swords reversed and Death

7 & 8 & 9 = What I need to learn about my vocation

Queen of Wands – 8 of swords and Ace of Swords

What I need to learn about love, Love is about sharing. There is no superior person above the other in a relationship. Give what is needed and take what is need as well. Love is about helping the other and not keeping things away from them. I often worry I will not find someone and the 9 of swords reversed tells me to stop worrying, that this is not an issue I should waste my time to worry over. I need to learn love is not about the psychical world but about the spiritual connection of two people.

What I need to learn about life, I need to be less defensive and open myself to opportunities, I have to learn that in life their will be disappointments, that all my plans will not always come back in my favor. I find it interesting that the death card came up because it rings true, I often fear death and worry over issues about death, The death card tells me that life is about loss, death and changes that can't be avoidable. I need to accept changes. I need to learn that life ends with death. This card spoke loudly to me and I feel that truth it speaks. I also need to learn that things change so I cannot hold on to them.

What I need to learn about my vocation, I need to learn to be more confident at work. I do feel un-confident at work because I feel that I am unable to preform well without help from my co-workers. The queen of wands and Ace of swords go well together, both tell me be confident and face problems with analytically and with my mind. Be honest and don't lie (Which I don't) I feel though the ace of swords is talking about being ethical and righteous.

I feel this reading was accurate to what I need to learn and change in my life.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

American Idol is down to three who will be moving on?

I am not a big follower of American Idol, I only watch the auditions to see the funny and crazy people who think they can sing. I do how ever like to try and predict outcomes like my prediction on who would win the Super Bowl (I was right about that one). I think they are down to three people now on American idol, Melinda Doolittle, Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis. In this reading I will be predicting who will be going onto the next level and who will be leaving. I pulled one card for each person.

Melinda Doolittle – 2 of Wands Reversed
Jordin Sparks – The Hrierophant Reversed
Blake Lewis – 8 of wands

The first thing that jumps at me is The Hierophant Reversed for Jordin, I getting the immediate feeling that she will be leaving. The Hierophant rx to me would signify rejection from a group. Being also a major is also a big indicator as well. If she does not leave she will be in the bottom ranking.

Second , Blake Lewis – 8 of wands – I feel he will be moving on to the next round because the 8 of wands is about movement, so I feel he is safe for now.

Lastly Melinda Doolittle – 2 of Wands Reversed, hmm I get the feeling of loss direction, no visions or plans for tomorrow, why? Well because she might also be leaving.

What I collect from this all is that I feel that Melinda and Jordin will have the lowest votes, I think Jordain will be voted off. I feel Blake is very safe and will be going onto the next round. Lets see what happens, I will be on the look out for what happens.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bunny Boiler - Tarot Reader

This video is so funny

Tarot Reading : Iraq War - After the Veto What is next?

After Present Bush vetoed the Bill proposed by congress that would bring home troops from Iraq people are left to wonder what will happen now with the war? Most of you know by now I don't mind doing readings on issue that are in the media that may be a bit controversial, I like doing them cause the feedback comes quickly. So I wanted to do a little reading on the issue of the Iraq War.

1)Present Issue The Tower RX

2)What issue is ignored that needs attention Knight of Pentacles

3)What direction will things be heading into The Magician Rx

4)What needs to change 4 of Wands

5)Finale Outcome The Lovers

Present Issue – The Tower Rx – The Tower, it is one of the most strongest cards in the tarot deck because of the image and impression it gives us. Its not all bad as it may seem just like the Death and Devil Cards. The Tower brings forth a revelation brought on by sudden change. Things are seen more clearly when the tower comes because the errors and mistakes that where made are acknowledge. The tower came up Reversed. To me this means that people have not had the revelations they where supposed to about this war. To me this war was a mistake and being reversed some people are not acknowledging the errors and mistakes made, either it be going to war or the mistakes made while we are in Iraq. I also get the sense that some truth is being suppressed. A reversed tower also signals uncertainty and fear. Slow or little progress.

What issue is ignored that needs attention – Knight of Pentacles –
This knight is about plans, stablity and waiting for the right moment to make his move. I feel that there is no real plan for Iraq right now and no one is paying attention to it. The Bill the was vetoed would have started a path and plans, we would have some direction.

What direction will things be heading into – The Magician Reversed –
The magician stands for action and the ability to get anything done. Being that its reversed I would say that things will lose direction, plans will not be carried out or have trouble getting them done. There is a lack of power, things will be hard. There needs to be better training of solders and placing people in fields that best makes us of their skills because the reverse of this card signals inexperience or skills put to wrong use.

Whats needs to change – 4 of Wands – This card is about common
grounds and stable foundations. I see this a unity as well. In this country the Democrats and republicans needs to work together, find common ground! In Iraq there needs to be peace and unity of the different religious sects. I also feel that this card signals a need to focus on domestic issue rather than foreign.

Finale Outcome – The Lovers – I get a nice feeling from this. I feel that their will be unity in some degree to find a solution to the Iraq war. Hopefully this card says that the right choice will be made. But I feel it will be a choice made on Ethics and morals, it may not be the same ethics of the people rather of politicians.