Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What I need to learn

“What I need to learn”
Spread from “The Tarot Bible” By Sarah Bartlett"

Tarot deck: Tarot of the new vision Lo Scarabeo Series
by Alligo, Pietro

I was looking in the many tarot books I own to find a spread I could do on myself and also share on here on my blog. I often look for spreads that bring insight to my life, I never really need a reading for myself but when I do I want a reading that makes me think and look at things differently.

This spread from The Tarot Bible by Sarah Bartlett did that for me.

1 &2 & 3 = What I need to learn about Love

6 of Pentacles – 9 of Swords Reversed and Page of Pentacles Reversed

4 &5 & 6 = What I need to learn about life

Page of Swords reversed – 3 of swords reversed and Death

7 & 8 & 9 = What I need to learn about my vocation

Queen of Wands – 8 of swords and Ace of Swords

What I need to learn about love, Love is about sharing. There is no superior person above the other in a relationship. Give what is needed and take what is need as well. Love is about helping the other and not keeping things away from them. I often worry I will not find someone and the 9 of swords reversed tells me to stop worrying, that this is not an issue I should waste my time to worry over. I need to learn love is not about the psychical world but about the spiritual connection of two people.

What I need to learn about life, I need to be less defensive and open myself to opportunities, I have to learn that in life their will be disappointments, that all my plans will not always come back in my favor. I find it interesting that the death card came up because it rings true, I often fear death and worry over issues about death, The death card tells me that life is about loss, death and changes that can't be avoidable. I need to accept changes. I need to learn that life ends with death. This card spoke loudly to me and I feel that truth it speaks. I also need to learn that things change so I cannot hold on to them.

What I need to learn about my vocation, I need to learn to be more confident at work. I do feel un-confident at work because I feel that I am unable to preform well without help from my co-workers. The queen of wands and Ace of swords go well together, both tell me be confident and face problems with analytically and with my mind. Be honest and don't lie (Which I don't) I feel though the ace of swords is talking about being ethical and righteous.

I feel this reading was accurate to what I need to learn and change in my life.

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