Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Looking toward the future: Summer 2007

I like to predict events It fun and keeps me on my toes. So I was just sitting here thinking what should I try and predict. The whole US vs Russia “the new cold war” thing has been on my mind, and something big always happens in the summer time right? Well I decided to take out my tarot deck (Robin Wood Tarot that I just bought) and see if I can peak into the future a bit. I am not sure if this reading is addressing the US – Russia issue but I think it might.

As I shuffled my deck I ask “What will be an important event that will happen this summer” and I pulled the Page of Wands. I felt very good by this, I feel that this summer there is be some good news on the way. Well I want to know what this news is and I asked and pulled the 8 of swords reversed. The news is good because the 8 of swords reversed signals that a solution (to what every problem) is at hand, that we are no longer “trapped” in confusion, We are no longer blinded by fear and unknown. Well this leads me deeper and to ask who is it regarding and got the King of Wands. Could this is be Vladimir Putin? Well Vladimir Putin is born in October so he would not be a fire sign and thus does not math up with the this King astrologically. But it does not out rule him.

My prediction is that this summer we have or be on the brink of finding a solution to this issue with the US and Russia. However I am still unsure If this reading is addressing this issue since I did not ask about this issue specificity, we shall see.


The war in Iraq is on my mind as well a lot, So I asked “what will happen this summer in Iraq” I got the 2 of Cups reversed – Separation and non-unity, well what else is new. It looks like people will not be getting along, what a shocker. I know this does not sound like a good prediction but thats what the cards say. I would not be shocked if illness was a big news in Iraq this summer, I will keep my eyes open for news on health related issues there.

The weather, ah its a topic you talk about when you got little to talk about. Well the summer weather is very important, So lets see what I can pick up.
I asked How will the weather effect the USA, The 5 of Wands reversed, Hmm well this card leads me to think that something big might happen this summer that would cause the people and or the government to stop fight one and another's Ideas or actions to figure out how to fix what ever that has happened. This leads me to ask “How will the weather be like” and got the 6 of cups. Well This looks odd because it looks good. We could be getting off easy this year :) I am not saying things will be 100% ok but things should not be as bad as Katerina. So this takes me back the the 5 of wands reversed, Since nothing big is planned out weather wise I guess this card could in fact be saying there will be no fighting or craziness going on in the country about the weather.

Well thats about all I could think of for now. Lets see what this summer has in store for us.

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