Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Current predictions for 2008

In this section you will find my readings on news in the media. I like to do readings on the things that are in the media because its a good way for me to practice, its also good because I get feedback and lots of it from different media sources and I can see my reading play out in the way I predict and see if what I said was right or wrong.

Current Predictions for 2008

Posted Oct 2nd 2007

White house

Ace of Swords

There is a big victory in store for the white house in 2008. Regarding who would win I am going with a democrat. Mainly because I feel that for me personal it would be a victory if a dem would win. In 2008 Justice and ethics will come more important. I feel like fixing wrongs will be another main issue for 2008. More honesty as well. Overall theme is victory and peace.

Social issues In the USA

Knight of Swords Reversed

This card can indicate social unrest. Violence is still here and is still in the media a lot. I will not be surprised if we see more prejudices, hate crimes and arguments. Slander and trash talk.

Health USA

Page of Swords

There may come a point in 2008 that there may be some health issue that will need to be dealt with very quickly, But I feel that it would not be taken care of well and orderly.

Issues world wide

6 of Swords

I world is moving towards a transitions of healing. People may begin to heal and to seek peace from there burdens. Moving away from conflicts and changing of perception. This could be the view and opinions of America could start to change in 2008.

Weather (world)

2 of Swords

Weather related to water is KEY. Storms, possible another tsunami. I also feel that people are not paying attention to the changes in the weather or seeing the warning signs. There will be an eclipse.



I have to laugh just because this card came up. I pulled the Judgment card concerning religion. Those who read tarot will understand. Hopefully judgment day won’t come this year lol other than that I see a new awaking in the spirits of people. They are opening their hearts to god or their own spirituality. Rebirth of the souls of humanity.

Stock market


This looks like a good sign for 2008. This look like they will balance out and become more harmonized. Now I am not saying everything will go up and never down, but the overall seems good. Temperance may also being saying people will invest smarter and not risk as much.