Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tarot Prediction: Super Bowl XLII

After my last years correct prediction that the Colts would win the super bowl I will try again this year and see who is going to win. If I can do it once more I will be very happy. I will be using the same layout as last year.

1 Who has a Better chance at winning?– New York Giants Queen of Swords

2 Who Will Win? - New York Giants 4 of pentacles

These two card combined show to me clear and cleaver thinking with stable and reasonable actions on stable grounds. Good plans and plays should be made. We have Air and Earth elements here. I feel clear thinking with stable roots.

3 Who has a Better chance at winning? - New England Patriots – 2 of wands

4 Who will win? - New England Patriots. - Queen of Wands

These two card show me they are think fresh and feel like “we have it in our hands” like they already won. The fact that these two cards are of the wands suite element FIRE, they will play with a lot of energy. But how long can fir burn without it going crazy?

Its funny how both got a Queen card, this can show very different qualities between the two teams.
The action of thought and reason and the action of confidence passion.

From what I feel is that the Giants have a great chance because they seem to have a good stable ground, they will have a good mind set, and well thought out plan. But will stubbornness be a downfall? If the time comes where their plan starts to fall apart will they adapt or “stay the course”.

If the patriots win It will be because of there new visions and fire and energy. But like I said before how long can the fire burn? How long can they be positive and confident?

This year it is very hard for me to make my choice I feel its very close or even. But I want to say Giants. I still feel iffy about this so until Tuesday I might change my mind but I am trying to go with y gut.

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