Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hillary Clinton Barak Obama Tarot Reading Prediction

So Hillary won Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island. She still needs more wins to beat Obama. So I wanted to do a little reading as an update to what going on with Hillary and the possible outcome to her campaign. I also did the same for Obama to see what his side says about it.

Present state of emotions Page of pentacles reversed

This card could be showing that Hillary is having trouble communicating her feelings. Articulating words and putting together that best fits how she feels is a problem she could be facing. She is definitely exhausted from her campaign. It is not easy and it getting to her.

Present state of thinking Empress Even though she is tiered from her work she still holds the creative power and force and still is performing well. She still has ideas for her campaign. As we saw from the 3 am Ad.

What she must overcome 10 of Wands Rx

No matter how much effort and time and energy Hillary puts in she needs to understand that she might now win, she might not get the results she wants, that is reality. I would Love to see her win, but positive thinking only goes so far. Other than that, she should take some time to take a breather, rest just for a little bit, It will help. Advice 4 of pentacles

Hillary needs to spend her money wisely; Campaigns call for a lot of money. She should not waste it. She needs to hold onto whatever she can get her hand on, support, endorsements anything, she needs to make sure her assets are secure.

Outcome of her campaign The Chariot RX

I fear this card as an outcome. I fear this to be a sign of failure. I hope she wins, but as of right now this card only shows me failure as her outcome. Coming very close to her goal but not enough to win. Since this card is reversed it adds complexity to the card. It could be saying she will win but she will have to question herself as to how she did win and was everything worth it all. Did the ends justify the means. Ethics can come into play this. Like she may have won but not fairly.


Present state of emotions 7 of Swords

He is being secretive about his emotions; He is acting Aloof. He may fear there is someone inside his campaign thats working against him, like a spy type of thing.

Present state of thinking - Queen of Pentacles

He is being practical person, thinking in a business sense. He is being down to earth. He is thinking about matters on economic growth, healing (Health).

What he must overcome Ace of Cups Rx

Holding back his emotions, he is not showing any emotion as it may be a sign of weakness. Like Hillary he is also drained from his campaign and is an issue to overcome.

Advice 4 of Swords Rx

O time for rest he is tiered, but from the advice it is not time to rest.

Outcome of his campaign - 9 of Pentacles Rx

Insecurity, I feel that after this campaign he is will out of money or low on it. I dont feel like this is a win card, because I feel he won’t get a return on his investment. This is a time for worry about money and personal security.


Ok At first I thought Hillary would not win because of the Chariot Reversed. But because of Obamas 9 of pentacles reversed, I changed my opinion; I feel Hillary has a higher chance at winning the nomination. However because the card is reversed people may question how she won, methods and tactics.

Both Hillary and Obama are very tiered from their campaigns but Hillary can take a bit of a break, but Obama cant. He would possibly hurt him.