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Anna Vissi – Full Report- Astrology – Numerology and Tarot (English version)

Anna Vissi
Tarot – Astrology – Numerology
The Complete Report
Today we are going to examine Anna Vissi, the Greek Singer. Anna Vissi was Born on December 20th 1957 on Cyprus in Larnaca. I am going to being using the three arts of Tarot, Astrology and Numerology to explore all the different aspects of Anna, from her personality, past and future. I will first start with Astrology. We will look at her birth chart. I do not have her time of birth so this is a “solar” chart set for noon of December 20th.

Let’s start with that obvious. Anna is a Sagittarius. Let us start there. Her Sun is in the 9th house. I myself have my Sun in this house as well. The 9th house is the house of “mental exploration and social areas”. The ninth house describes your beliefs, philosophies and how you seek opportunities. How you expand your mind and how you develop the understanding of life. Being that the sun is here it shows the tendency of a lot of travel. This is very true Anna seems to be on an airplane more than on the ground. If not in Greece she is in Cyprus, New York, LA or on tour some place. The sun in the 9thalso shows that Anna has strong faith and moral convictions. Her faith gives her great optimism as well. Staying in this house we also have Saturn. With both Saturn and the Sun in the 9th house it gives Anna a strong desire to learn and has or puts great deal of focus and value on higher education. Saturn in the 9th also tells Anna that contacts with foreigners have a good impact on her life. Saturn in Sagittarius shows that Anna had to work long and hard in her early life to get the respect and what was due to her later in life. We can see this if we look at her work. Looking at the rank of her albums Anna had the greatest achievement with her 2000 album “Kravgi” that was 7X platinum at the age of 42. This can also suggest more success is in stored for her. Saturn in Sagittarius gives Anna faith in the bad times, when things go wrong she looks at the long term goal.
Looking at where her moon is it is also in the 9th. Now I need to say that I do not have the correct time for her birth so I am working with a solar chart set at noon. The moon moves fast across the sky and at noon it is in Sagittarius in the 9th house. So by looking at the solar chart Anna has three planets in the 9th house, causing a lot of energy in this house and more support for all I said. The moon is the planet of emotions and Anna will find that travel will and has given her great joy and happiness. The moon in this sign also says that her views of the world and reality are emotionally connected to her childhood and parental upbringing. The moon in Sagittarius it gives Anna great adaptability. No mater where she may be she can adapt to the people and place she is in. Anna dreams of great goals and will do what she can to achieve them. Something that is bad about this is that even when people warn Anna about potential failure of a project or idea she would not listen very much. She does not want to hear something may not work, she will do it anyway to learn and experience it. With this moon it would suggest that Anna enjoys using her money to bring joy, “why have money if you can't enjoy it” might be something she would say having the Moon in Sagittarius. With great charm she makes friends easily. When it comes to love this moon makes Anna's love affairs turn into friendships. Moon in Sagittarius denotes in certain time your partner may feel you are detached and unreachable. This does not make her a bad partner she makes a great companion. But for her things change in life and this is applied to her love life as well.

What I would like to look at next is Anna’s ascendant sign. The ascendant is the sign that is at the horizon at the time for your birth and is always in the 1st house. Anna is an Aries ascendant. This enforces Anna's sense of adventure and being pioneering. People with Aires ascendant have clear likes and dislikes and are not shy to express them. If you had a talk with Anna on some issue she will be direct about how she feels. She is uncomfortable with lies, fraud and complicated deception. She is a doer not a thinker, she throws away the old and does newer bolder and sometimes rash things. I do not know if this is true about Anna, but people with Aires Ascendant are accident prone and often trip, bump into things, cut themselves and such.

Looking into the 5th house, the house of home and early and later life. We have Uranus here. This makes Anna take inventive ways to express herself. I think when she shaved her head that was Uranus at work! Uranus here can indicated the taking of to many risks and chances. Adding that her Aries is her Ascendant as we covered it is safe to say that Anna is a risk taker. Uranus in the 5th makes Anna independent. In her childhood it would indicate it would have been different from most of her friends. The 5th house has Leo in it and with Uranus here it makes Anna have a boundless determination and will overthrow anything that she feels is not longer working for her and will apply some new idea. Relationships bring her opportunities.

Looking into the next house the 6th we have Pluto and Virgo. This is the house of service and and health . With Pluto here it makes Anna have great powers of concentration and will often over work herself. On a soul level Anna's lesson is to learn tolerance and respect for human imperfections and mistakes. Pluto in Virgo makes Anna a perfectionist and is ready to find any fault in the world around her.

Looking into the 7th house we see that Jupiter and Neptune are here. Jupiter is in Libra while Neptune is in Scorpio. First Jupiter, having Jupiter in this house would suggest successful marriages and this person would marry more than once. Being that the 7th house is of marriage and partnerships and Jupiter is about expansion and having more, many marriages would not be uncommon. At least one of her husband would be famous or have power and wealth. What is also very interesting is that I heard that Anna and Despina may be working together in the Winter of 2009. I do not know if this is true. What is interesting is that it is seen that Anna and Despina are “enemies” or “rivals”, Jupiter in the 7th says that Anna's enemies will later become friends or associates. So from this I feel that a compilation between these two singers would be very good and maybe be fated. Having Jupiter in Libra it gives Anna a magnetic charming personality. People with Jupiter in Libra are successful musicians. She likes to entertain and allies are won over by the relaxed atmosphere she can create. With Jupiter in Libra marriage will bring you social position and wealth and sometimes an entrance into the business world.
Having Neptune in the 7th house you seek a partner who has similar goals and ideas as you. Unrealistic and confused attitudes in what you want in a partner may lead to affairs while married. What is good about Neptune in the 7th is that you are open to the needs of your partner but the bad is you may be to easily open for disappointment. Neptune in Scorpio gives Anna a good psychic awareness and spiritual renewal and rebirth.

Next is the 8th house, the house of death, regeneration and of legacies. We have Mars in Scorpio. This would suggest conflict in her family over issues of inheritance and of wills. Mars is this house would suggest Anna has come into contact with Death through violence and war. Maybe someone in the family died in a war or a fight or some sort of violent act. What is bad about a Mars in the 8th house is that she needs to protect herself from financial loss do to a extravagant partner. Either in work or love. With Mars and Scorpio makes Anna self-reliant, self-determined and self-disciplined. She means to get what it is she wants and desires.

Into the 10th house. The house of Career and reputation we have Mercury in Capricorn. With Mercury here her career would involves a lot of travel (and she does that) and communication (Interviews and press conferences).Having Capricorn and Mercury together makes Anna hard working, analytical. Methodical and never losses sight of the big picture. She always has a secret goal or plan in her mind.

Finally we come to the 11th house, the house of hopes, wishes and friends. We have Venus and Aquarius. This makes Anna very social and has lots of friends. She benefits from the associations of people both socially and financially. Anna is inclined to be a philanthropist and give to charities. Marriage is going to be with a friend or someone you associate with in a group. Venus in the 11th makes her popular with the public. Venus in Aquarius makes Anna generous and kind and giving to those she loves but with relationships she may become detached emotionally because of the intellectual influence of Aquarius. When it comes to love Anna needs freedom.

Next we shall explore Numerology and what it has to say about Anna. Numerology is the study of numbers created by Pythagoras. Each number has a meaning and by looking at our names and birth dates we can explore who we are.
We break down the name into numbers.
The first thing we shall look at is Anna birth day. She was born on the 20th. People who are born on the 20th are great adaptability and understanding. They are considerate of other people. The zero in twenty can stand for intuitive awareness. 20 reduces to the number 2. This is a number of cooperation and sensitivity. Anna would be good in teamwork and groups.
There are core numbers in numerology I shall explore some of these numbers.
First we have the life path number. The life path number is the most important, it shows us the road we walk in life. We find this by adding the birth date numbers.
Anna's Life Path Number is 9. This number gives Anna the desire to understand the interconnections of all things. How they work and why. This is number if universal love and tolerance for other and is a lesson for Anna. Learn, live and forgiving others are the lessons of a 9 life path. This is a repeat theme from Pluto and Virgo in the 6th house. Anna is a born healer. Healing can come in many forms, Anna heals with the power of music. The blessing of the 9 is the ability to restore and re-establish your fame and success.
Next we look at the Destiny number. This is your purpose and mission in this life. For this we look at the name in the number format. We add the first name to the last name.
Άννα Βίσση
1441 29997

Anna's destiny number is 1. This is the number of leadership and originality. Independence and innovation. We can see that leaders come into different shapes and with Anna's case she is seem by many as a leader in the Greek music industry. Being original expressing innovating ideas.

Next is the soul number, the number of your hearts desire. Anna is a 9 soul number. The 9 soul number makes Anna want to love the whole world and for the world to love her. She desire universal perfection and universal love. These people are deeply intuitive and charitable. Their emotions can be torn by what they desire and the desires of others around them.

Next we look at the personality number. Anna is a 1 personality. The personality number is what we show the world to be. The number 1 personality number matched her Aires Ascendant in astrology. Aires and the 1 share common traits. That of dominance, confidence, being courageous. Independence. Stands out in a crowd. The fashion style of a 1 personality is that of big name fashion designer clothes . Colors are bright and bold. Her style would be very unique and bold.

The next number we look at is the maturity number. We add the life path and destiny number together to get this number. 9+1=10=1. Anna has the numbers 9 and 1 repeating a lot it looks like. This number reflects the true you. This number becomes more active and noticed as you mature and age. Being that her destiny and maturity numbers are the same she is always going to be independent. She is always going to be the leader. She will always have a goal and purpose for herself.

The last thing I want to look at for Anna is the personal year number. It is not about who she is but what she should be doing this year. The year of 2008 is a number 6. This year her family will come into play very importantly. She should pay more attention to her parents. She will be needed more by her family more than most other years. This is a year the demands you balance you home life with your work life. She needs to take a lot of time to work on the energy of the 6. If Anna does not she will have to wait 9 years before she comes around to this number for a whole year.


The last aspect we shall look at is Tarot. With the use of tarot I shall give advice and guidance.

Currently what I see around Anna from the Queen of Cups, is that she is expressing her love and emotions openly right now. It looks right now that what is influencing Anna is good, it is an energy of love, emotional sharing. She may be more spiritual open right now and understanding her emotions correctly right now. The challenges she faces for this year indicated by the 10 of swords reversed is the inability to look beyond from her troubles and fears. Things can move on and change for the better but what may pose a challenge to Anna is this lingering affect of an issue that wont seem to leave her alone. When you thought you dealt with a problem and it is over it comes back again. She may need to learn to let go and move on if she is the one who is reliving it or inviting back the memories or actually problem. The advice for her career in 2008 is very good. We have the page of wands. This would tell add that in 2008 she needs to take a new fresh approach to her career. Her next album should show energy and be an inspiration. Often the page of wands donated news or invitations. If Anna gets invited to social gatherings and events she should go for it will be good for her career. When people propose ideas to her she should listen. Advice for Love, we have the Queen of Swords reversed. Often the Queen of swords is a woman who very independent, the traditional title is often the “widow”. But in a more modern title it the independent woman who stands her own ground. This card often suggest separation in love. Binging that it is reversed it tells Anna that if she has been thinking about being single and breaking it off with Christopher she should not and rethink it. If he proposes to her she should consider getting married again and give up her single life. What needs to change in her life as indicated by the 2 of pentacles would be to regain balance in her life. As in the numerology report I just did she needs to balance work and personal life. She may have a lot to juggle right now and she has to manage it.

Asking the cards “who is Anna?” I pulled “the 6 of cups” the “tower” and the “Queen of pentacle” all card came up reversed. At top level or seen side of Anna she is someone who may be very nostalgic and may be living in the past while trying to bring the past back to life into the present with new approaches from the old. In between she is someone who may ignore warning signs and advice from others from potential trouble. When things fall apart it can take more time for her to rebuild. At the root of Anna, she is someone who puts the physical world in a second position over the spiritual world. She may also have bad or not so good money management skills.

This is the end of Anna's complete report.

My name is Angelo Nasios I am a professional Tarot advisor and spiritual counselor. Please visit my website for info about me and my work.

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