Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama VS McCain

Barack Obama
August 4, 1961

John McCain
August 29, 1936

Barack Obama is now the democratic nominee and John McCain is the republic nominee for the 2008 presidential election. So for this reading I will be looking at Obama and McCain and what they bring to this election in terms of their personal qualities and what would help them win and who would most likely win.

1) What qualities does Obama need to express more to better his chances at winning the election?
The Emperor reversed

For me seeing the emperor reversed means that Obama needs to express his change from the old administration that has been viewed by many people as a “tyranny”. Because the emperor is a card of authority, structure and order Obama should show himself as someone who does not think in those terms, he needs to express his reforms on the government’s structure and change the view that the USA is a “tyranny” and we try to rule over others. Logic and rationality are other key words to this card and I feel Obama should express that he is more open to ideas that may seem irrational in a sense, not saying they are irrational but people may think they are when they are not truly.

2) What qualities does McCain need to express more to better his chances at winning the election?
The Hierophant Reversed

This is somewhat the same as Obama but a little different. The Hierophant is about traditions, what is “orthodox”. He relates to groups and organizations. I feel that from the reversed card McCain should express that religion will be separate from his administration unlike the current administration. This card would also suggest that McCain should step out of traditional thinking of his political party. He needs to express what makes him stand out and what is unique to him over all others.

3) Obama’s strength
5 of Swords

With the 5 of swords Obama will go and do battle and win or lose he won’t fear. It shows that he can stand up on his own and take care of himself in this political blood thirsty environment. Obama has been attacked a lot in his campaign and this card shows he is in a environment of discord but is tough enough to battle on. He knows what battles to pick and when to speak.

4) Obama’s weakness
2 of Swords

Here with the 2 of swords Obama can become indecisive and unsure of what options to pick. He can tend to get stuck in the middle of a conflict. Often this card means you are ignoring the facts or what is in front of you. This can mean that Obama may at times ignore facts that in turn would hurt him. This would imply going on with faith so to speak over facts. Also I see the 2 of swords as blocking your emotions or hiding distress. This goes well with the 5 of swords, for he can deal with the stress but however he is deals in the wrong way.

5) McCain’s strength
4 of Swords
Oddly enough I think this card can mean that he would bring troops back home. This card is called “rest from strife” that means rest from fighting. Does that mean war would be coming to an end? It seems odd and the common view is that McCain would say in Iraq for another “100 years”.

6) McCain’s weakness
5 of Pentacles Reversed

Change can come with McCain but I feel that financially he can’t help with the economy.

7) Would Obama win the election?
The World

The world card is a clear sign of “yes” Obama with this card supports him very much and it is one of the very clear signs for a “yes”.

8) Would McCain will the election
The hanged man

No I do not think McCain would win from this card.

9) What role does Hillary play?
9 of cups Reversed
Some may be thinking “She lost why care about her?”, well just for the fun of the reading I wanted to see what is going on with her in the election even though she lost. When I saw this card I feel like she is the “unhappy spoiled child” lol this is a card of getting your wish and being happy with everything, reversed and she is upset and “stomping her feet” going “I wanted to win!!”. Even though she is supporting Obama she is doing it grudgingly.

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