Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama Campaign Update

The following reading was done to see what is going on with the campaign and to give advice to help the campaign.

The Current influence indicated by the 9 of wands shows that right now they
are on the defense. The man in the card has created a wall of wands;
this can be to protect himself. Is Obama trying to protect himself? The
man is also hurt, Obama may be hurt (not physically) or the campaign is
hurt. Right now is recovery time for the campaign. So this card would
make sense and also show that they are defending attacks of the
republicans while they recover and respond back.

What should be the focus of the campaign? The Hierophant is a clear card.
What has been their man focus this whole time? Change from the current
ways of politics. This card reflects that notion 100%. Going against
the traditional / orthodox way of things is very clear here. I would
also say that from this card if they want to try and make the other
side look bad this card would tell them to focus on how McCain
has been unwise, untruthful and importantly corrupt.

What can hurt the campaign? The Magician reversed shows me that if Obama is
seen as a liar and that he trying to trick people and deceive them it
will be so bad on his campaign. The more honest and the more he is on
the straight and narrow the better. This is common sense and I like how
the cards pick up on that. Also since this card is about communication,
if Obama losses him communication abilities and losses connection with
the people then that will also be bad.

What can help? The 6 of Swords is a great card that is reflecting the issue,
the people in this card are in a boat and have 6 swords sticking in it.
Now the mood of the card is somber but good. It shows transition. The
issues and problems are not weighting the boat down. The same should be
done in the campaign. They should not let anything that is being said
weight them down. Don't let it affect them. Just go through the waves
and let it pass.

Obama Will be president

I know it to be true just like I know the sun will rise.