Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poems of the Arcana

I am making Poems on the tarot cards and would like to share one with you all.

The Fool

Standing at the end of the cliff
As I ponder what if?

Shall I take a leap of faith?
Shall I ignore the signs?

Nothing could go wrong
My spirit is so strong
as my soul sings a blissful song

I am everything and nothing
I am wholeness and emptiness

I am a God among men
So peaceful, in zen

Who says I cannot fly?
I say lets give it a try!
I do not deny
that I could die
If so then this is my last goodbye

I am free from all rules
I am not like other fools

Super Bowl 2009 Prediction

I was right the last 2 years in my predictions so lets try this one more time!!

1 Who has a Better chance at winning?– Pittsburgh Steelers – 6 of Wands
The 6 of wands has a keyword of “victory” and would fit well when trying to find who would win and be victorious. Clearly this is a sign that the Steelers will win.

3 Who has a Better chance at winning?– Arizona Cardinals – The Tower
The cardinals think they will win but there false ideas will fall apart and they will be shocked. They will lose.