Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Fool - Updated commentary

My God this man is about to fall off a cliff! Someone stop him! This might be your first reaction to seeing The Fool. His carefree even oblivious nature makes us want to reach out and help him before something bad happens. Sometimes in life we need to be the fool and not look ahead, but up into the universe. Trust that things will work out fine and that our hearts are light, that we will not fall off the cliff but fly into the sky with the birds. The Fool, what an odd name to give him I think. He is not really a Fool in the sense of someone who is foolish or stupid. He may act foolish at times with the choices he makes though. He is not rational in many ways. He goes with faith rather than reason. Emotion not logic. He rather close his eyes and jump without looking at what is below him. Thats what he is basically doing in the card. But he is not a Fool. He is a free spirited person not bond by rules of mankind. He lives outside man and his rules. He is not programed to fit roles, models, expectations. He is not a rebel because he knows nothing in which to rebel against. He moves with the wind, where ever his hearts wishes to go he goes. The Fool is card number 0, he is full of possibilities.Zero in numerology means energy that's unformed and full with potential. It is both full and empty at the same time. I would associate him in Greek Mythology with Chaos. The initial starting point of the universe. No shape, no order just an abyss. The Fool is at the edge of a cliff on a mountain. In mythological symbolism mountains are connected with the divine realm, were believed to hold the heavens up. Is this Fool actually a God? He does not care about no cliffs, he would not die if he fell. You can connect him with the Protogenoi Aether, the first-born of the elemental gods. He is the personification of the "upper sky," space, and heaven, and the elemental god of the "Bright, Glowing, Upper Air." He is the pure upper air that the gods breathe, as opposed to normal air (Ἀήρ,aer), the gloomy lower air of the Earth, which mortals breathe. There is more to this "fool" then meets the eye, there is much to learn from this god in disguise. That in the end we learn the we are actually the Fool and he is the wisest of us all, for he with his innocence see things through the eyes of a child.

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